Plazma and MAG-10 Dosing for Me

I just got some plazma and MAG-10 and am looking to test them out as a pre/intra/post training formula over the next month. I’ve been using SWF during training and consuming solid food afterwards for a couple months and was looking to try something different.

I’ve been getting a lot of slightly differing ideas about how to best dose these supplements, and of course much of those variations are based on the individual. So here’s a bit about me: I am a 23 year old male, and I weigh 160 pounds at about 11-12% body fat. I am a rock climber, so my training revolves mostly around climbing with other exercises added in to either improve my climbing or to stay in balance and promote overall strength and well-being (i.e. pressing movements to counteract the constant pulling of climbing). For this next round of training I will also emphasize training my weak areas, which are currently abs and lower posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings. Obviously my back is one of my strongest muscle groups) I have four training sessions per week that last about 1:15, and I do complexes two days per week to boost work capacity and stay lean.

My main goal is to gain as much strength as possible. I train in low-rep and mid-rep ranges, depending on the movement. I used to (like most climbers) be fearful of gaining muscle since I thought it would weigh me down. I’m no longer opposed to that idea but it is certainly not a main goal by any means.

What my budget has allowed for is one dose of Plazma per workout and one serving of MAG-10 daily. I definitely understand that this is less than ideal, but it’s what I can afford at the moment, and I’m certain it will be more effective than SWF.

I planned to consume 1/2 dose of Plazma 15 minutes before training and sipping the other half throughout the training. I would consume the MAG-10 about an hour after training (although this seems bizarre to me as I thought nutrients were best absorbed WITHIN one hour after training). I’m not quite sure yet when I’d consume MAG-10 on non-training days, although I’d follow the guidelines of between meals or before bed.

I’d love to here some thoughts about the best protocol considering my goals and my budget. I’m totally open to changing the supplement timing if someone provides sound reason to do so.

For using that amount of supplementation per day, myself I would take the MAG-10 serving and Plazma serving together at time of workout.

A post workout MAG-10 serving is a great addition to optimized pre-and-during workout nutrition, but if the pre-and-during workout nutrition would otherwise be lacking, using that amount of MAG-10 to bring workout nutrition up to speed is much better than saving it for postworkout.

I’ve often combined one serving each of Plazma and MAG-10. In general two servings of Plazma is better, but there can be reasons to do the combination, including limitation from the budget.

Thank you very much Bill. That’s what I’ll do. At what rate (and at what time) should I consume the MAG-10? I imagine it doesn’t need to be pre-loaded like Plazma?

I just read your response a second time…do you suggest mixing both supplements into one drink? If so how and when should that be loaded?

Yes, in the same drink. Have about a quarter to a third of it about 15 minutes before the workout, and the rest during the workout.

I’ve never mixed Plazma and MAG-10 as Bill Roberts suggests (and of course he has far more expertise and experience with these matters than I have…), but I have had good results with hour-long workouts pre-loading half a Plazma dose and having the other half dose in the first part of the workout. Then having a MAG-10 dose immediately following the workout. This method seems to help limit soreness for me and also provides good pumps. One of the best aspects of these supplements is that you can experiment with them and see what works best for yourself and your style of working out. Good luck with it!

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Yes, in the same drink. Have about a quarter to a third of it about 15 minutes before the workout, and the rest during the workout.[/quote]

I have an update for you, Bill. I just added 1200ml of water to a 2000ml bottle, added the scoop of plazma and two scoops of MAG-10, mixed it up, and added some berry intensified flavor. The mixture is still foamy as all hell. How do you usually mix it?

It also tastes completely rancid…help! I’ve added two teaspoons of berry and the nasty taste will not go away. Gonna try to dilute at this point…

I mix into a small amount of water first, such as a cup or a little less. If using a blender, it must be on the lowest setting. Pulsing is better but not necessary, I usually don’t.

The more volume the better really (more for performance than taste) up to 2 liters, but 1200 is still reasonable. The performance aspect is hydration: genuinely getting completely ample hydration in a workout is very worthwhile.

The casein hydrolysate has a strong flavor which will be unfamiliar at first. Some people never like it, but it’s always worth the momentary having-to-taste-something-not-liked.

As with many foods which have strong tastes that might not be liked, there’s a world of difference between suspecting that the food is bad (for example rancid), versus knowing it’s perfectly good and just tastes that way. With Plazma and MAG-10, it’s definitely the second not the first.

[quote]shralpinist wrote:
It also tastes completely rancid…help! I’ve added two teaspoons of berry and the nasty taste will not go away. Gonna try to dilute at this point…[/quote]

Is this before or after what you mentioned in your other thread? 2 tsp in 1200 mL is holy-shit sweet. Try just one scoop of each and top-off the bottle with water after the foam subsides. It’s the natural flavor of the Mag-10 that you’re not enjoying. But over-flavoring it won’t help.

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