Plazma and MAG-10 Best Way to Go?

I need some help with what you would think is the best route for me to go with peri-workout nutrition/supplementation. I am 5’6, 42 years old, and currently hovering between 195-200 pounds. My workout is the Simple & Sinister KB program 4-6 days per week, with three bonus days where I add 200 swings at the end. I follow the Simple & Sinister protocol exactly as written and the bonus is 5 sets of 40 swings with one minute rest between sets. All swing sets are performed all out/hard and fast.

Using this protocol and decent nutrition, I have dropped just over 50 pounds in the last 7 months. But, I have been hovering around 195-200 for the last month. A friend who competes in Physique, has recommended that adding some proper peri-workout nutrition will help in busting through this plateau. So, having used Biotest supplements in the past, I came here to see what would work best.

My main goal at this time is to continue fat loss to regain that lean athletic body I had in the Navy. I know I’m probably leaving something out, so if you have any questions, I’ll do my utmost to answer them. Thanks!

Um, adding peri-workout nutrition won’t necessarily help you lose weight unless you also reduce calorie intake elsewhere. It might improve the quality of your workouts, but these things aren’t fat-burners. Furthermore, the Simple and Sinister workout, from what I know, is short enough that peri-workout nutrition seems somewhat unnecessary for that specific program.

The supplements might help you lose weight if they’re used to replace lower-quality calories elsewhere in your diet, but by themselves, adding a supplement (even a great one like Plazma or MAG-10) will not make you lose weight.

ActivitiesGuy makes some good points, but people do see fat loss with good workout nutrition. The carbs in <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma and <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 are thermic in nature, but mainly, if you they allow you train harder, recover faster, maintain and build new muscle (thus boosting your all-day metabolism), and train more frequently, then obviously you’ll see some fat loss as part of that, assuming the rest of your diet is in order of course.

I’m not all that familiar with the KB plan you mentioned, but most of that type of work is hard conditioning, so we’d recommend Mag-10. Plazma is more for very tough weight training workouts that focus on hypertrophy and strength. (I know KB’s are “weights” but at some point you need to lift and not just swing or do higher rep work with KBs. Even great KB exercises aren’t quite the same as squatting and deadlifting hundreds of pounds, eccentrics, intensity techniques etc.) Sounds like the program has worked great for your fat loss efforts, but after a long period of time you may be in need of a workout change.

Thanks for the replies. I know these aren’t fat burners, I was looking at these more as something to help fine tune the engine and get things moving again. Thanks for the points you made though. I am looking at my nutrition closer because I know as my body changes, that will have to be fine tuned as well.

Chris, Simple & Sinister is Pavel’s re-work of the first part of his Enter The Kettlebell program. It involves swings and getups in low volume. I’m currently about halfway into progressing up to the 70lb KB from the 53lber. Once I’m to the point of using the 70 for all sets, I’ll be taking a break and doing Dan John’s 10,000 Swing program. As for the MAG-10, are you meaning use it as recovery or for protein pulsing. I’d assume with my low volume you mean just as recovery, but want to verify. Thanks again!

Mag-10 for workouts, and if you can fit in a pulse or two that’s great too.

Awesome! Thanks, Chris!

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