Plazma and Indigo-3G Timing

I have been a lifelong lifter and fitness enthusiast, and for the pat 2 years got into CrossFit as a sport. At 35yo, My strength and fitness levels are about 85% of my best ever numbers as a 21-22yo CFB player, but my body composition has become stuck. I am hanging around 17% BF at 5’10" and 187# with a 34" waist. Cutting calories temporarily helps, but the demands of my sport always seem to send me into a slump after 4-6 weeks, and I rebound and add some softness back.

Usually consume 2300-2700 calories per day, and very clean eating, mostly 3-4 Clean Eatz meals per day with some protein bars, Fruit & Veggies added in. Been using Alpha Male and RezV for about 6 weeks now to try and help get the right hormone balance, and noticed some small performance difference so far, but libido is absolutely up.

Have always used BCAA and Whey, as well as Creatine and Beta Alinine. I have started to cut back on Caffiene, I think I may have been overconsuming at around 300-500mg total per day.

My Question is this:

I just purchased the Indigo-3G and the Plazma as a new round of supplementation. I feel like my biggest problems are insulin sensitivity and poor recovery from hard workouts. I am hoping these 2 supps can help me deflate the spare tire and increase performance. I was wondering, when should I take these?

At least 3 days per week, I am up and at the gym at 6am to train. Should I take the Indigo-3G upon waking, then start the Plazma on the way to the gym? My days off work I can easily space these out if needed, but wasn’t sure how best to approach this. Thanks!

That sounds like a reasonable plan. Ideally, you want to take Indigo-3G 30 minutes prior to starting your Plazma, and then start your Plazma 15 minutes prior to training.

Ok thanks. I thought I was reading that correctly on the labels, but having never used either before, I was seeking some clarity from someone who had. I’ll pop the Indigo-3G when I roll out of bed, then the Plazma on my way to the gym.

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