Plazma and Energy Drinks?


I’m taking Micro-PA and Plazma is it ok to take C4 sport also or an energy drink also to get caffeine rush?


The general rule of thumb is to not add anything to Plazma because it was specifically designed to do a certain job, and if anything could do that job better, it would already be in the formula. Something like the C4 sport could throw off the sodium-potassium-magnesium ratio that Plazma was built with.

So you run the risk of getting less-than-optimal results from the pre-workout Plazma serving by having a “pre-workout” mix. If you want a caffeine buzz, a basic NoDoz that’s straight caffeine will get the job done with minimal hassle. Even if you added plain creatine monohydrate, you’d still end up spending less and getting a longer supply, and you wouldn’t mess with the Plazma.

You’ve got to approach it like, you’re investing enough into Plazma, so let it do its job as best as possible. Depending on your situation/lifestyle/diet, you may actually find that you don’t need stimulants pre-workout because you’re getting top-quality protein and carbs before training and those can have a big impact on their own.


Well I mixed them and worked out for 3 hours with a cold and still felt like starting next days workout. Makes me want to head butt an oak tree so idk…:stuck_out_tongue: