Plazma and Breakfast Timing

After being a follower for sometime and continuously reading multiple posts about Biotest’s Plazma product I finally decided to give it a try. It will be the first time using a pre and intra workout drink. I’ve read multiple posts about it and believe I understand the proper way to supplement it with my training and diet ( one serving fifteen minutes prior and one-two servings throughout workout) but I have questions about eating a full meal before I take the supplement.

I go to the gym after I have breakfast before work because of my twelve hour work days. I consume my breakfast an hour before I arrive at the health club. My breakfast consists of six egg whites, two whole eggs, half cup steal cut oats, and a cup frozen blueberries. Do I need to change my pre workout meal or even take it out because Plazma is a carb based supplemtent or perhaps eat earlier before I attend the club and take the shake.

Any feedback will be much appreciated. Also, any other suggestions regarding starting fresh with Plazma for the first time would be great. Thanks for all your encouragement and help


I would either move breakfast back 45 minutes OR just skip the Plazma pre-load and just drink it Intra workout.

You could always skip the meal, drink your Plazma, then just have a meal Post workout. I’ve done that for a few early morning sessions but I always feel better with a meal or two in me.

[quote]chrisjrome11 wrote:
one serving fifteen minutes prior and one-two servings throughout workout[/quote]
Yep, that’s a common dosing plan. That pre-workout serving is the more important one because you want to effectively “pre-load” the nutrients for the session. After that, one serving during regular/average workouts is fine, bumping up to two servings if an especially-intense session (like a high volume/high intensity leg day or something).

Like Corst said, if you could push back the breakfast even an extra 20-30 minutes, that’d be a bit better. It’d let the food digest enough so that you can have your pre-workout serving 15-20 minutes before you start lifting.

You can also experiment for a few workouts. For a few workouts, keep things as-is and just plug in the Plazma, and see how you feel and perform. Then try pushing the breakfast back a bit earlier, have the Plazma, and see how you do. Then try a few workouts having the breakfast after training (if that’s feasible) and just the Plazma before/during, and see how you feel and perform in the gym.

I think you already hit the main notes. The big thing is getting that pre-workout serving in you before hitting the weights. That way you’re totally fueled and ready to put it to work. The during-session is obviously important to, but you want to give it that headstart beforehand.

I used Plazma for the first time today and about an hour before I worked out I ate 4 eggs and about 16oz of homemade juice. I followed the directions, precisely.15 minutes before workout then drank the rest during my workout. Oh man, it was just too much in my belly. So, for me lesson learned. I will need to push my breakfast back a bit so I’m not so full.

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