Plazma Alternative

I just got my Velocity Diet bundle and since Plazma was not in stock I did not receive it but the rest is there. What would be a good replacement for the 400 or so calories per two scoops so I am not at 880 a day the entire time? Small meal aside from the one HSM a day? Thank you for the advice.

I’d go with a two-scoop Metabolic Drive shake shortly after training. Calorie-wise, that’d cover one scoop of Plazma while still giving you a good dose of protein. It’s still a whey and casein blend, so you’re getting plenty of quality aminos to rebuild/repair.

But it doesn’t have the recovery boosting nutrients in Plazma (like Citrulline) and it’s lower carb, so maybe slightly increase carbs in the HSM on training days to account for it.

This would enter slippery slope territory with more variables, opening the door to temptation or substitutes for convenience, etc. Best to keep the plan with one HSM.

Thank you for the response! I have just kept the shakes at the moment with a HSM and not overdoing it with the workouts at the moment. I do agree one extra meal would/could cause temptation. I will use the extra shake as a post workout recovery.

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