Plateau Busting, Micro-PA Before Gym?


I have been consistently taking Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, and Plazma. Recently added Mag-10 for after work and Curcumin. My goal is to add muscle to abs shoulders back and chest. My routine is take 6 Micro-PA and 6 Indigo-3G before work and drink Plazma at work. Work is my workout. I am eating Steel Cut oats for my carbs about 2 cups dry mixed in 4 cups water. I also consume 3g of CLA. I imagine the Indigo-3G will work with the steel cut oats and the CLA. I have a gym membership. Should I take 6 Micro-PA before the gym instead of before work so I may drive more nutrition into muscle growth with iron? Does anybody have experience taking Carnivore, is it good source of protein?


Work may be physical and tough, but it’s not a muscle-building stimulus like weight training. Stick to the label reccomendation. On days you workout, you should take Micro-PA an hour before training. On days you don’t workout, take it whenever.

That’s not a Biotest product, so you’re not likely to find many reviews here on Biotest’s site, but the main thing I hear about that is that it tastes funky and is a chore to chug down. It also contains 175mg caffeine per scoop, which is a dumb thing to include in a protein powder since many people tend to use 2-3 scoops per shake or have a shake before bed.

As for it being a good source of protein, it’s basically extracted beef protein. I’d rather have a chunk of beef jerky to get 20+ grams of protein, which is more filling and tastes a ton better, instead of a beef protein isolate with a bunch of added ingredients I didn’t want or need.


What about the Indigo 3G with my morning oatmeal?


On non-training days, have the Indigo a half-hour before eating instead of with the meal, so it can get to work optimally. On training days, Indigo is best used a half-hour before training, as recommended.