Plantain Chips


Here in the States and in most of Europe, when we buy bananas we’re actually getting what the rest of the world thinks of as a “dessert banana.” A plantain is another type of banana. It’s starchy, has less sugar, and its hard, potato-like flesh needs to be cooked in some way before it can be eaten. I love making chips out of them. Here’s how.

[center]Plantain Chips[/center]

1 plantain
Couple of spoonfuls of coconut oil
Course sea salt


  1. Slice the plantain length-wise with a knife and remove the peel. This is much tougher than peeling a regular banana so the knife is needed.

  2. Slice into discs.

  3. Add coconut oil to pan and melt it down if needed. It doesn’t have to be deep, just covering the bottom of the pan in a thin layer.

  4. Add plantain. Toss in oil and add salt to taste. Flip when the bottoms begin to get golden brown.

  5. When both sides are golden, dump them onto a plate covered in paper towels. Eat them right away. (They’re not that great when cold.)


genius! haven’t had this in forever and last time they were battered, fried and sugared!


A light dusting of almond flour or coconut flour may work here too. I’d dust it on when they’re about halfway through cooking. I may try that soon and see how it works.


Rest of the World? American Citizens (Puerto Ricans) have been makin’ these here for a Century,
and some are discovering them NOW??
That’s ok, the mainlanders are generally slow in catchin on…:wink:
Them are some thick slices man, you pass anyway…thinner and crispier are heaven.


I’ll try them thinner next time, but I like the effect of crunchy on the outside and softer in the center.


That’s fine…however you prefer them.
They are known as “Platanos” on the Island, you can google
that word for more recipe tips too.


My wife deep fried it the real way, i just try to limit myself to a couple … One word… MANGU!

I’m Dominican


I live in Dominican Republic last 15 years, and love mangu (mashed), or platano frito (fried as on the picture above), its a national dish.
Platano has Pectin, that will lower the estrogen (same with apples and carrots or even better citrus fruits).

Plantain is good for kidneys, against erectile dysfunction, good for the volume and quality of sperm.

So, Plantain, peal it, cut it in oblique cylinders, fry once, take out, smash it to be flat with the bottom of coffee cup, fry again.


Delicious, but gave me gas like never before. I think I blew out my shorts. daaaamn!