Plan9 From Outer Space: A V-Diet Log

OK, I don’t really like to post much. I’m a lurker by nature. That’s why it has taken me until day 10 to finally get a log going. I took measurements and pictures on day one. Let’s just say I have a way to go before I reach my goals.

A little history. I’m 33, almost 34 and I have been trying to get back into shape for a couple of years now. I really let myself go as I got a career (long commute, office work with no exercise) and I don’t think marriage helped either (happiness weight is what I believe they call it, I call it complacency).

Anyway, I found out a couple of years ago I was a type 2 diabetic, which means I had piss poor diet habits to say the least. I would say my starting weight back then was around 280-290. I started eating whole grain and cut out sugar. But, I didn’t realize that was not nearly enough.

I did more research and discovered keto, which I have been living on since the summer of 2007. And you can guess that I had the same problem that most keto-folk have, the carb up. You know, the one you don’t really need but go on anyway.

With all the junk you have been craving but shouldn’t have? I progressed on the diet with semi-solid training. But not at the rate I would if I could make myself give up the crap food. After all this time, I am still at 249.4 lbs on day one of the V-Diet.

Although with WAY more muscle mass than what I began with in 2007. Still, I have a long way to go and need a kick start to break me out of the plateau and drive me though the home stretch.

Enter the V-Diet. I have been keeping my eye on this for a while, slowly talking my wife into it(She is on this as well, but I’ll get to that later). I researched the hell out of this. I read back through all the posts in this forum looking for post counts great enough to see if the V-Diet was finished or not.

Noting how many people failed and what kind of success was achieved if they finished. I read everything i could so that when I decided to do it, I would be prepared for success and there would be nothing standing in my way except my own will power. I am definitely what Chris calls an “all or nothing” personality.

That is why my carb ups failed and that is why I will succeed on this diet. I have no doubt I will succeed, this log is just to show my results and to get more into the community spirit instead of lurking around.

Oh, I forgot to describe my wife’s situation. She is a nurse who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. She has had the disease since she was a little girl. She does very well though, and has not suffered the way that some with the disease has. She gets around really well, but she cannot lift weights and really the pain she endures leaves little desire to try.

She gos on the NEPA walks with me and when it heats up this summer she will be able to go swimming. But NEPA is the only activity outside of her job she gets. The main reason for going on this diet for her is the taste/craving changes along with whatever weight loss she earns. Also, I believe a big reason she is doing this is to support me, which is really nice of her.

So I started the diet on March 8th. Below are my numbers for week one and for my weigh in on the morning of day 7:

___________________Day One_____Week One
Upper Arm-L---------16"---------16"
Upper Arm-R---------16"---------16"

Well, the formatting didn’t come out like i thought it would. A little squiggly, but you get the idea. I lost 11.6 lbs in week one and that is pretty encouraging. I know to expect big drop-offs after this but at least I know the rest will be all fat.

On the subject of the HSM, which we had Saturday evening, as a semi date night. We went to Bonefish grill and had the Atlantic Salmon with some kind of olive oil and herb sauce (the name escapes me, I just pegged it as the only healthy sauce they had).

Our sides were steamed fresh veggies, which consisted of broccoli, summer squash, carrots and red bell peppers. The other side that came with the meal was “a fresh seasonal vegetable” according to the menu.

I didn’t ask what it was and it turned out to be a mix of corn, tomatoes and Lima beans. I know the corn is pure shit, so I ate very little of it an picked out the beans and tomatoes.

It’s hard to describe to non v-dieters what a religious experience that first healthy solid meal is. I swear I tasted things I have never tasted before. I told my wife it tasted like Christmas when I was a kid. Seriously. I could taste the wood that they grilled the fish on and it reminded me of going to my grandmother’s house on Christmas eve.

They always had a wood fire going in the fireplace and the smell of the holiday food mixed with the fireplace is what my fish tasted like.

The interesting thing is that I really don’t care for fish that much, I can eat it, but it’s not a favorite. That was a minor goal on the diet, to improve my affection for fish, since it is sooo healthy and would provide more variety when I am eating solid food again. Same thing with the broccoli. I used to not eat it at all. It smells like farts after all.

But I started eating raw broccoli in small amounts on keto but would not eat it cooked. I can say that the broccoli I had on Saturday was fantastic and my mouth is watering as I think about it while I write this. Good stuff.

Well, I’m on day 11. In some ways things seem to be way easier than week one. I don’t have strong cravings for crap food like I did last week. I have not broken the addiction yet, but I can definitely see where this is going.

I still have cravings at night when I get home with my wife. I think we were definitely using food as a form of entertainment, as we both miss food the most when we finally have time to sit on the couch and watch some TV.

We tested ourselves Sunday by going shopping, just general supplies for the week, but we normally eat out a lot on the weekends, and being away from the house brings strong urges to treat ourselves to something special. So, I bought a diet soda, to share. It did the trick.

Our next challenge is tomorrow night. We have to go to some kind of banquet dinner with my in-laws. I don’t think it will be a major problem for me, but I will probably need to offer a few encouraging words to my wife. She’s a trooper though and we’ll use diet soda to kill any cravings we might have for the junk food I know they will be serving.

So I discovered Yesterday I am not over my cravings for bad food yet. I did really well all day but when I got home with my wife, the cravings were pretty intense. The problem was that Wednesday night, my wife needed to make some food to bring to a potluck for her friend at work.

My wife made some brownies covered in chocolate frosting and i made a pasta dish that used to be a staple in my pre-low carb diet days and was still a staple on my carb-ups. I really enjoyed the cooking process on Wednesday night, even though I could not taste one morsel. I cooked the entire meal and had no major issues with cravings and no slip ups.

However, last night I had trouble. I did not cheat or anything, but the cravings were very rough. When my wife came home with the leftovers, they were all I could think about for a while so I made myself a diet soda to divert my attention. That worked really well and has been a really good strategy for killing my cravings.

I’m wondering, has anyone else out there come up with a strategy like this for dealing with their cravings? Also, I seem to be having the most trouble on Thursday night. Anyone else noticing a particular day they have more trouble than others?

PS: I plan to have my before pics posted this weekend, maybe tonight. I have to convert them to JPEG and edit them before I can post. I am only taking before and after photos though, not weekly.

I guess I’ll go ahead and post my training numbers. I’m doing the intermediate program, BTW. Here are my numbers from Wednesday. I’ll post Today’s numbers this afternoon after my workout:

A)DB Step Ups:
1/75lbs x 9 2/75 x 9 3/75 x 8 4/75 x 6 5/75 x 6 6/75 x 4

B)Bent Over DB Row:
1/60 x 9 2/60 x 6 3/60 x 4 4/60 x 3 5/60 x 3 6/60 x 3 7/60 x 4 8/60 x 4 9/60 x 3 10/60 x 1
[Not real sure where the burst of energy came from in sets 7 and 8, could just be that it took me that long to recuperate from teh step ups. those really wear me out]

C)DB Push Press:
1/40 x 9 2/40 x 6 3/40 x 6 4/40 x 4 5/40 x 3 6/40 x 4 7/40 x 3 8/40 x 3 9/40 x 3 10/40 x 3
[Very exhausted during/after this one]

D)Barbell Curl (w/EZ Curl Bar):
1/70 x 9 2/70 x 7 3/70 x 5 4/70 x 3 5/70 x 4 6/70 x 3 7/70 x 3 8/70 x 3 9/70 x 3

E)Reverse Crunch:
1/BW x 8 2/BW x 8 3/BW x 8 4/BW x 7 5/BW x 4 6/BW x 5

Good Luck dude, you sound very dedicated and realistic about this.

Stay strong even in the face of brownies. Just pretend you are at a strip club, look but don’t touch.

Lol! Good point. I’ll resist the urge to make it rain :slight_smile:

Ughh…Just got back from the training session. Too tired to post my numbers now. I’ll have to get em in later. I train at work. It’s Friday, and I’m going home. Hopefully I’ll have my training numbers and my before pics up tonight. Stay hardcore everyone :slight_smile:

How did your first weekend V-Burn Challenge go?

My first weekend v-burn was a disaster. I am doing the intermediate program and attempted the intermediate challenge,a s prescribed. However, after two circuits I was gassed out and I could not do any more of the push up - claps and I was questioning my will to live on the jump squats.

I went in thinking it would not be that hard and did not even consider doing the basic v-burn challenge. So this weekend I did the basic v-burn challenge and was still only able to complete it in 30 min. 6 seconds. So, kind of lost momentum for the first week, but back on track on the second. Now I just need to get that number down.

Here are my updated numbers after my weigh-in on Saturday, March 21st:

___________________Day One_____Week One_____________Week Two
Upper Arm-L---------16"---------16"-----------------15.5"
Upper Arm-R---------16"---------16"-----------------15.5"

Lost another 2.1 lbs. which is not bad for week two. This brings my total to 13.7 lbs in two weeks. My wife did not lose any weight but she has lost a lot of inches. I think we might have been retaining water looking at some of the measurements (ankles specifically) but I’m not too worried since we are getting otherwise pretty good results.

Sunday was trouble. My family had a last minute cookout for my cousin’s birthday. I felt we had to go to socialize with my family and for the kids to get to see everyone. They were having it at my uncle’s farm and they were making burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, and all the extras including cakes and cookies.

I was dreading going out there just to subject myself to all these temptations.

I brought some diet soda so I could diffuse the temptations and our shakes since we would be there during our scheduled meal time. I wanted the food, but not really. Once I explained what we were doing everyone was pretty supportive, but it was still way more strain than I was used to. I have to say, refusing all that great looking/smelling food made me feel pretty strong.

I can’t say that I’m losing my craving for crappy food yet. Someone handed me a plate with a slice of cake on it to feed my son (almost 15 months) and I could smell every detailed ingredient from that damn thing.

I don’t think a crappy store bought cake ever smelled so good in my life, but I wasn’t really tempted to eat it. It’s hard to explain. I knew it would taste good, but I didn’t come close to eating it. I guess that’s what they call control.

Day 20. Everything’s going really smooth. I’m starting to get a little nervous about the transition coming up. I am excited because I am so ready for solid food, but I am worried about keeping my calories in check and continuing to lose weight.

I will be going straight into the Get Shredded diet after my transition so I want to keep my ratios close to the Get Shredded guidelines. Unfortunately, I will have to do a food diary again. Haven’t done one in a while and they suck.

After the Get Shredded, even if I have not achieved my physique goals I am going to take a break from dieting for a month or so and eat slightly above maintenance to try and reset my metabolism. I will be eating super clean of course. I do not want to have to do this again.

“I don’t think a crappy store bought cake ever smelled so good in my life, but I wasn’t really tempted to eat it. It’s hard to explain. I knew it would taste good, but I didn’t come close to eating it. I guess that’s what they call control.” - Criswell3000

You nailed it. That’s exactly how I feel. You can smell every last ingredient, no matter how crappy the food is (store bought cake!), and it smelled so heavenly you could have sworn it was swarming with tiny angels and little gold flecks from the streets of Heaven itself. You knew just one bite would be velvet to your shake-filled belly and silk on your tongue. But you didn’t even come close to eating it. That’s top of the line control. You’re awesome!

VERY nice results too and your wife even though she didnt lose any scale weight, it’s obvious she did well by losing a lot of inches. You tell her she’s do damn hot you’d give up cake for the rest of your life if that’s what it took to keep her :wink:

Thanks Austin. I appreciate the comments. Great suggestion for my wife. I feel lucky to have someone who will endure this madness along with me. Not many women out there that would put up with me.

I feel the same about the transition. One thing I have finally learned is that it takes commitment to a program to see if there will be results. Of course, results are known by taking measurements and keeping track of progress.

This diet has taught me to take measurements, weight and pictures every Sunday, so that will continue even after the transition.

Great job Criswell!

Thanks Donna. You are doing great yourself. Keep it up!

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