Plan for Starting Biotest Supps

Hey this is my first post, my dad just turned me on to Plazma, MAG-10 and Indigo-3G. Just wanted to see if how I was taking the supplements was a good approach. Before this I was taking (2) 60g protein shakes a day and Creatine.

Here is how I have been using the (3) I work out @ 6p sometimes later depending on work. I have not included meal times.

Workout Days
8am, MAG-10
545pm, start Plazma (500ml) 30 min before workout
6pm, Indigo-3G (4 pills) 15 min prior to workout
Continue Plazma (1000ml) throughout workout
8pm, MAG-10, Optimum’s Micronized Creatine

Day Off
8am, MAG-10
1pm, Indigo-3G prior to lunch
5-530pm MAG-10 prior to dinner

Does this sound right to all of you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I work out 3-5 days on with 1 day off.

That looks just fine!

Right on thanks Chris, I am excited for this stuff, from what I was told by my dad and what I have read here it sounds great! Hopefully gives me the edge to get where I want to be.

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