Plan for Long Endurance Event?

I’m doing a long haul bike ride soon, well over 200km/125 miles.

I have two 750mL water bottles and a small frame bag I can store powders/caps/etc in. There will be refueling stations where water is available.

On the day, I’ll have a large breakfast (oats & eggs) and will stop for lunch at the halfway point but carrying food is not really an option.

Currently in my training I have Gatorade and that works okay but I had some Plazma last weekend instead and that panned out better. So any recommendations on what nutrition (quantity and timing recommendations would be very much appreciated) I should add around those feedings? I like the option of some solid stuff as well as liquid, so Finibars are attractive.

36 years old, 210lbs if that is important information.

430am breakfast
530am ride start
1130am lunch
600pm finish ride


<a href=""target=“new”>Finibars would be a great addition. Sadly the endurance community is way behind science and supplement technology when it comes to bars. Think of Finibar as the “next generation” of power bar and far, far superior.

Tim Patterson worked with an endurance athlete in the thread linked below. While this was for a different sport, read over his responses. You should be able to get the general idea from Tim’s suggestions, then modify as needed for your particular needs:

One tip: When using Plazma for endurance events, use a little more water than called for per serving. Tim’s responses in the thread above should get into that.

Thanks for this CS! Will see how the next training run goes.

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