Pissed Off & Ready to V-Diet

Hey everyone. My name is Greg and I’m a 23 year old Master’s student at Texas A&M (Exercise Physiology). I thought about typing out my whole story, but no one wants to hear that.

What really matters is I’ve been working on my strength and size for a few years and have managed to get from 165lbs to 195lbs, but the physique just isn’t there. I’ve experienced times where I was really lean and ripped with no size and times with decent size covered in an equally decent amount of fat.

I decided it’s time to get serious about my health, performance, and appearance. I’m pissed about all the time I’ve wasted being lazy and making excuses and I’m ready to do something about it. So V-Diet 3.0 here I come!

Here are my measurements. They should all be correct, but I wasn’t sure about the chest-lower and hips-largest measurements. Is the chest-lower supposed to be measured directly under the pec around the ribcage? And my defintion of hips is at the head of the femur so the measurement included the upper portion of my ass. Any input is welcome.

Age: 23 (almost 24)
Height: 5’11 3/4"
Weight: 194.6 lbs
Neck: 15 3/4"
Shoulders: 48 1/2"
Chest-Upper: 42 1/2"
Chest-Lower: 38"
Waist-Navel: 35 1/4"
Waist-Largest: 35 1/4"
Hips-Largest: 39"
Upper-Arm Left: 14 1/2"
Upper-Arm Right: 14 3/4"
Upper-Leg Left: 25 1/2"
Upper-Leg Right: 25 3/4"
Lower-Leg Left: 15"
Lower-Leg Right: 15"
Ankle Left: 10 1/2"
Ankle Right: 10 1/4"

Photos to come later.

Day 1 - 03/02/09: Woke up, weighed in at 195lbs. Previous to the V-Diet I had been in a mass building phase and was consuming around 3,700kcal/day. I thought making this huge drop in calories was going to kill me, but I didn’t have any problems. My shipment of products didn’t come in so the only hard part of the day was that I only had Banana Cream Metabolic Drive on hand. It’s my least favorite of the flavors so I had to force the last few down.

Advanced workout was intense. At first glance I didn’t think much of it until I saw the part about 30 second rest periods. I have a Suunto watch and HR monitor so I made sure I stayed true to the prescribed rest periods. I was huffing and puffing and sweating my ass off by the end of the workout. It felt fantastic!

Underhand BBell Row: 135lbs 4x5
Front Squat (Ass-to-Grass): 145lbs 4x5
Dips: Bodyweight 4x5
Ab Wheel: Bodyweight 4x5

By far and away, PEANUT BUTTER is the best part of my day!

Day 2 - 03/03/09: Yaaaay, my shipment came in today! I had class all morning until around 2:00pm so I didn’t get my hands on new flavors of Metabolic Drive or the HOT-ROX until afterward, but I was definitely warmer this morning than other days. I noticed I was sweating in class and everyone else was wearing fleece sweaters so it couldn’t have been that hot.

I still have plenty of energy. I’m not feeling hungry at any point during the day and when I do it’s usually time for another Metabolic Drive meal anyway. Regardless of my current physique which the following pictures will reveal, I am a pretty good eater. My meals are usually clean and consist of lean meats, a variety of different vegetables, and whole grains. My downfall is Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea. Gotta get away from those.

My current state of conditioning is mostly from Christmas Break down home on the border with Mexico. Mix not working out for 5 weeks with a constant supply of fajitas, tortillas, tamales, Mexican sweetbread, and all sorts of holiday “no-no foods” and you end up with an extra 10 lbs in the lovehandles and back.

Finished Day 2 with no problems. Went on a 35 minute fast walk with my dog. I climb a lot of stairs and am always on my feet during the day so I figured less than a full hour of NEPA is okay for me.

Here are my 3 unflexed pictures taken on Day 1 of the V-Diet before my workout. You really don’t think about what you look like to other people until you take some pictures. Man, I need to change the title of this Blog to Livid & Ready to V-Diet.

Picture of the backside… Public Enemy Number 1 = Lovehandles… If she needs handles to make love she can use the bedposts cuz those bad boys need to go!

Side view

Im right there with ya buddy…damn love handles!

If you need a little trick that helps with cutting out soda…add up how much you spend monthly on pop and sweet tea. There was a time I was around $120 a month in just energy drinks, it helps quiting when you see it from an unnecessary spending point of view. That was back when I was an energy freak, surprisingly I have more energy now without them!

Good Luck with the v-diet!

Glad to see you pissed off. That’s how all successful V-Dieters begin!

As for measurements, as long as you measure in the same place each time, it’s no big deal. But I think of upper chest as nipple line and lower as just below the pec line. I added this last measurement because people often lose fat here before they lose it in their belly/love-handle area, and I didn’t want people to think nothing was happening. The fat is coming off, just “working its way down.”

Thanks Kajoke240, appreciate the tips. I’ve never really taken to energy drinks and I don’t buy the Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea from the store because like you said that’s crazy expensive! My problem is when I’d go to restaurants I’d order a grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, a side salad and to make sure I was getting all my healthy carbs for the day knock down about 3 or 4 20oz. sodas in a sitting. Haha, terrible I know.

I figure if I went out an average twice a week with 4 20oz. sodas each time, I was looking at roughly 550 grams of useless sugar a week and an additional 2200kcal. There’s two-thirds of a pound of fat a week right there. No more sodas or sweet tea for this guy!

And Shug, thanks for the input. My chest-lower was taken just below the pec line so hopefully I’ll see some immediate changes there. I’ll make sure to take those measurements at the same places everytime. Looking forward to posting some positive results by next week.

I don’t have work or class today and I’m pretty bored so I thought I’d take some pictures of what I’m working out on. My roommate and I hate the rec center because it’s full of steroid freaks who won’t let you touch their bench even though they’re glued to the mirror doing isolation curls.

Or you have the frat guys who travel in groups of 10 taking 5 minute breaks between sets and wander the gym seeing which “ladies” they can get to come to their 9 kegger this weekend. Just not a productive environment so we decided to make our own gym in the backyard.

Here’s our cage set up in Squat Mode.

Another angle in Squat Mode. You can also see the Pull-Up Bar we put through the top.

Bench Mode

Another angle in Bench Mode.

Very cool. I hate the gym too. I’m a function power martial arts kind of guy & most gyms suck. I workout at home now.

This is the first time I’ve done curls in years! lol

Lots of great support here. drop into my thread & encourage / kick ass as necessary.

D Dog

Dip Mode

Tire for flipping, woodchoppers, etc.

Rings my roommate made. We hang them from the Pull-Up Bar using the tow straps and do Pull-Ups, Dips, or Hanging Leg Raises.

And lastly, my loyal companion and faithful exercise buddy, Copper, and the stick he brought home from our NEPA last night. He’s kind of a big deal. Lol.

Sweet Pics!!! I’d love to build a setup like that for my back yard! Actually got an offer to purchase a full set of Bumper plates for ridiculously cheap the other day, but It’s just a little more than I can afford right now. . . one of these days though!

Is that just some 4x4’s, 2x4’s, and metal tubing? Where did you get the tubing from, and what did you use to connect everything (big-ass screws maybe?)

Love the pic of Copper too. My two boys are my faithful companions and exercise buddies too. AND they make sure I don’t slow it down on those NEPA walks! lol

“Public Enemy Number 1 = Lovehandles… If she needs handles to make love she can use the bedposts cuz those bad boys need to go!”

awesome. I hear that. My love handles have always been abnormally large compared to the rest of my fat body, but even now that I’m trimming down, I still look like a huge fatass from behind. Definitely my number one goal as well. good luck…super sweet set-up you got going on there.

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