Pissed Off Pair

I have been lurking here for months. The first article I read here was ‘Death to Crunching’ by Scott Abel. My brother in law ‘the fanatic’ forwarded it to me. WOW a neat way to not do crunches… I didnt do crunches anyway. Well life gets in the way of a lot of things and if you are not careful you find yourself in a place that you do not want to be.

I am at that place and I am PISSED (and broke now that I have purchased all of my supps! LOL) My boxes started arriving today. The first 2 cases of Metabolic Drive. Tracking says that I will be getting my last box/boxes tomorrow. If that is the case… game on Saturday! I will be joined in this venture by my lovely wife (she lurks too) and we are a PISSED OFF PAIR! Here are our stats and first pics (more to follow).

Thanks in advance for all of the cheering that I know we will hear from those of you that are currently involved with the V diet or have successfully completed it. I will post regularly and provide some of that much needed encouragement myself. STAY PISSED… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My pic

pic 2


wife 2

wife 3

Now for some measurements!

Height - 6’
weight - 2 damn much!
neck - 18"
shoulders - 56"
upper chest - 51.5"
lower chest - 47"
waist/navel - 48"
waist/belt - 44.5"
hips - 46"
arm left - 15.5"
arm right - 15.5"
thigh left - 27"
thigh right - 26.75
calf left - 17"
calf right - 17.5"
ankle left - 10.25"
ankle right - 10.25"

height - 5’ 11"
weight - 155
neck - 13.5"
shoulders - 40"
upper chest - 37"
lower chest - 33.75"
waist/navel - 32.5"
waist/belt - 35"
hips 39.75"
arm left - 11"
arm right - 10.75"
thigh left - 21.5"
thigh right - 21.25"
calf left 13.5"
calf right 13.25"
ankle left 8.25"
ankle right 8.25"

So… we have now bared our soul (and various other parts of our anatomy) for all to see. As soon as the supps arrive… tomorrow I hope… a new chapter begins. I think that I have read enough of the FAQs, training logs and Shugarts rants so that I will not have many questions in the beginning. We all know that first step out the door is the hardest when starting a new regimen… so here’s to kicking down the darn door and marching through it!


Hello and Welcom to the V-Diet ,

looking forward to your first post after starting the V-Diet ,
remember the first few days are often the hardest :slight_smile:

Kind regards AndreP

Hey ya’ll, I’m on day 3. Good luck!
I’m totally pissed at myself for letting it get this bad too!

I felt that once I posted there was no going back. You’ve already made the first step. You better stay committed! (I will too)!

Hey pissed off pair, good luck with the vdiet. I will be following your progress here. You’re lucky that you have the mutual support and accountability there.

Jeff… seeing the support that these forums has to offer was one of the key factors in deciding to do this diet. Also being accountable to someone other than the guy in the mirror carries a lot of weight. My wife and I have each pledged that no matter how hard it is that it is not worth letting each other down. Thanks to all for the support…


its great that you have each other working towards the same goal, you twon will do awesome! keep us updated and congrats on the decision

How this for a ‘stack’?! Supps all here… V Diet starts in the morning… 8-24.

OK… stuffed my face at the local Mexican food place tonight as a farewell of sorts to crappy food choices. Making the choice to do it right and everyone else be damned! Shakes start in the AM and I am so darned excited that I can hardly stand it. Wish us luck… we will keep this log going and GOOD LUCK to everyone that reads this!


First shake down… It was a little sweet and the wife thought it was a little thick at the bottom. She needs more water. I would highly recommend a Cuisinart hand held drink mixer. Its a ‘cool tool’. Much better than having to clean a blender. Does anyone hav any suggestions on daily water intake?? I dont think that I have read that recommendation anywhere.



first day nice!, ha ha i remember the night before my first day, 11:30 pm sunday night i pigged out at white castle. i don’t remember reading about water intake either, just to drink alot of it, for me it helped to have a water bottle at hand at all times, and just sip it all day. one tip about the shakes, what i did was go through one tub before using the next, but that made me so sick of each flavor, try mixing it up a bit with the flavors, it should make it go easier.

Good luck Pissed Off Pair (POP in the future ;))! Being two in, it must really help but it could also be easier to quit if the two agree at the same time. Hopefully not!

So why are you guys completing this? I read somewhere it was for grandkids? Other reason? All kids need their grandparents so that is a good enough reason!

I’ll be following!

Day 1 in the books! Was not as hard as expected. Neither of us were hungry at all. Workout went well. NEPA was a piece of cake. On the way!!! Thats the good…now the bad.

Shakes are way sweet… hints to cut the sweet other than more water??

Surge…WOW… sweet! Is this one of the behavior modifications that will make you NOT want sweets in the future?? LOL We ordered raspberry. Are the other flavors not as strong?



ha ha sounds like you don’t have a sweet tooth, I LOVE the Surge, I would probably ask Chris about putting anything else in the shakes, also would you be talking about the strawberry shakes in particular? those were the only ones i did not like

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