Pissed and Ready

So, after waiting for about a month to get my supplements (live in South America) i finally got them and I’m ready to do this and i’ll be starting tomorrow…

A bit about me:

I’m 20 year old, 175 pound male. I’ve been going to the gym for about five years, but i’ve been serious about it for only two. I started out a a fat boy, cardioed my way to a skinny-fat state (150lb) and then, i realized i was very weak and tried to gain some muscle, always trying to achieve an elusive low bodyfat %. I was able to gain some muscle but not much since i’ve always been more concerned about getting very lean first, since i don’t like the idea of trying to gain muscle at the expense of looking lie shit.

The problem is that, until now i’ve failed miserably to get my BF to a decent range, one that allows me to gain muscle AND look good. Why? Because i just can’t control my weekend carvings: I always give in to them and end up fucking up the entire week’s progress. I think i’ve never been able to stay on a diet for more than ten days in a row without going on an all out cheat day.

As a result, I’m stuck with a half-ass body because I can’t get lean but i don’t want to bulk because of the fear of looking like shit and I’m sick and tired of the way my body looks. I’m sick of not feeling comfortable with my shirt off. I know I’m not big and will probably look pretty small at the end of the diet but i don’t care. I just want to be lean FOR ONCE.

I believe the V-Diet will give me the jump-start i need to finally get a decent, lean frame to which I will later add some muscle. So, since it’s taken me like forever to write this (english is not my mother language) i’ll wrap it up by saying that any support on this journey will be very much appreciated. I’ll see you on the other side.

PS: pictures and measurements follow





Measurements (in cm)

Height: 177
Weight: 175lbs
Neck: 38,7
Shoulders: 130
Chest - Upper: 109
Chest - Lower: 96
Waist - at Nave: 86
Waist - at largest: 93
Hips - at largest: 91,5
Upper Arm - L: 33,5
Upper Arm - R: 33,4
Upper Leg - L: 63
Upper Leg - R: 63,2
Lower Leg - L: 38
Lower Leg - R: 37,5
Ankle - L: 23
Ankle - R: 22,5

Good to have you on board. Let’s zap some body fat and kill some cravings and bad habits.

28 days. You’re ready!

Keep us updated!

Greetings eaboadar

You english is very respectable. You seem very motivated and ready for the challenge. I am starting my third week and at this stage the diet is on auto pilot.

keep strong!

[quote]vince3151 wrote:
Greetings eaboadar

You english is very respectable. You seem very motivated and ready for the challenge. I am starting my third week and at this stage the diet is on auto pilot.

keep strong! [/quote]

Thanks. I’ll be checking your thread for support.

I am starting tomorrow with you. Let’s do this thing!

I just finished day three! It is a piece of cake, it is all in your head. I have a similiar body type as you. Keep on track and we can compare before and afters at the end.

By the way your english is better then 90% of the ignorant people I deal with at work!

[quote]LeftNut wrote:
I am starting tomorrow with you. Let’s do this thing![/quote]

I’ll hold you to your word.

[quote]chicagocopper55 wrote:
I just finished day three! It is a piece of cake, it is all in your head. I have a similiar body type as you. Keep on track and we can compare before and afters at the end.[/quote]

Sure thing! I’ll be checking your thread constantly to see how you progress. Thanks for the encouragement.

Yeah, 4/13 Starters! Day 1 guys. I’m with you too. 28 Days. Game on.

Days 1 &2:

Day one was preety good. Didn’t get any cravings or anything, the shakes were pretty filling and they taste great. My first workout went great but it was over really quickly. I think it took me like 20 minutes or so to finish it (is that normal). Did my NEPA after the weight training; 45 minutes on the Treadmill, 4 MPH, 3% incline, 400 cals.

Day 2 has been considerably tougher. Just finished doing my NEPA (same as yesterday). Since I spent the entire day at college i have only been able to blend two of my shakes and had to shake the other two (still have one left to drink). It really makes a difference; shaken shakes are not filling at all whereas blended ones leave me pretty feeling pretty full. I’ve been feeling very hungry all day but luckily i haven’t felt any real cravings yet.

I’ll keep you guys posted then. Any advice on how to control hunger will be very much appreciated.

Stay strong

Hey eaboadar,

Thanks for stoppin by. Hey man, 2 days in the bag right? Just keep plugging along.

As for controlling hunger, try this:

Always carry a bottle of water. Water in your stomach helps with feeling fuller, longer.
I know its tough being in class and its easy for your mind to turn to food, but try drinking when you have those moments.

Also, find a good balance with the time spacing between your meal/shakes. I think this was key for me yesterday on Day 1.

Eye on the Prize and Stay Strong.

  • Kirby

That is great that you like the shakes. That is a huge plus! For being able to blend your shakes at college maybe grab one of those cheap travel blenders at walmart and carry it around? It’s pretty small…I keep mine in a relatively small backpack.

I agree with Kirby too. Always have a bottle of water handy for the moments you think you need food. Every time I had the inclination to just whip into a burger king, I had to fight it, but I fought it with water until my will power took over.

Stay strong is right :wink:


Day 3:

Day three was so much better than day 2, hunger-wise, probably because i got to blend all but 1 of my shakes. My only problem right now is that I’m starting to hate the Strawberry MD. Any suggestions to make it better? I’ll try mixing Strawberry with Vanilla and see what happens…

2nd workout was hell (in a good way). I found the medium-weight workout a lot harder than the heavy one. The extra volume really made me hug the floor a couple of times. Did my NEPA walk after the weights (same as days 1).

I’m really starting to crave solid food right now, especially something salty! I’m starting to think the whole point of making MD’s so sweet is to make you hate Sweet stuff and crave salty food. Right now the last thing that comes to my mind is chocolate or ice cream.

All in all it was a good day. Hope everyone else is doing great

Day 4:

Everything went just fine today but now i´m REALLY looking forward to my HSM! For the rest, I feel every day getting easier and easier and i´m sure in no time I´ll be gliding through this. That water jug tip really helped today, thanks, Austin and Kirby. I once read on someone´s thread that eventually one stops counting the days down and for the first time I see that as something that might happen to me too.

Had to do my NEPA on the elliptical because my feet started huring a lot from the walks.

I also noticed no one has stoped by tis thread for a while now, which is a little dissapionting. I don´t want to be a cry baby and I´m not an atention demanding person but it deffenetly is nice to now someone´s backing you up and sort of watching over you. It´s also nice to know someone reads this posts and that I´m not just writng them to keep my mind off food (starting to wheep now). No seriously now, stop by every now and then, tips, comments, reviews opinions and jokes are very welcome

It’s good you should like you arent feeling too bad like a lot of people do in the first week. Count that blessing! :wink:


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