Physiology of Plazma and MAG-10 on Fat Loss?

I just ordered my third round of these powders. Workouts on Plazma are nothing short of amazing. I never felt such effects from any of the other pre-workout products out there today. I use Indigo too as directed.

And I am using the MAG-10 3 x a day.

How is it that these products lead to stripping away the most stubborn bodyfat?
I’ve had what I call a “drape” of fat on the left side of my lower back that nothing I tried ever affected in any way. Now, I believe that by 12-15 weeks it’ll be all gone! I wish I had taken pictures.

Thanks for answering.

huh, good to know. I have the same problem but with belly fat. I am starting Indigo in the next few days, Ill have to make sure to take pictures…lol. My thoughts to your question is that know that your body is better at processing and shuttling nutrients to your muscles instead of fat with the indigo…the Plazma and MAG-10 just add to that intra workout nutrition, probably the cleanest protein and carbs of the day :).

Indigo could be reducing inflammation of the fat cells while improving insulin sensitivity in short “starving” the fat cells which is why you’re getting leaner.

Secondly as it relates to Plazma/MAG-10 they contain cyclic dextrin which has been shown to bind to fat cells allowing for lipolysis which in turn lets you burn off the fat cells easier.

You could also just be building lean body mass which increases your bodies caloric requirements thus furthering your energy expenditure accelerating fat loss.

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