Today I begin my V–Diet. After returning from the beach, we were watching a slideshow of the photos on our LARGE screen TV, when I saw a photo of my rear. OMG! It was more than I was prepared for, to say the least!

I’ll be posting here for accountability to stick to the diet…

Yeah the candid picture certianly does carry a lot of weight…pun intended there. I saw a few of me and thought holy shit who is the fat guy hanging out with my wife?

Good luck with it, I’ve found it’s easier to do the more I check in and track my progress and watch other peoples too.

Good pun!

Day 2 - Just a little headache-y yesterday - must be the beginning of detox!

Off to a good start today…

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Day 3 - I wonder how people manage to cook for their children without letting food jump into their mouth…?

On a brighter note, I am becoming more accustomed to the taste of Superfood. :slight_smile:

Day 4 - I’m trying to find a substitute for the HOT-ROX - I love the way it makes me feel, but it keeps me awake ALL night. Maybe I’m going to have to break down and get the “cartoon sleep” supplement?

Last night’s NEPA was a bike ride with the kids - wonderful!

How late in the day are you taking the HOT-ROX? I’ve found that by taking my second round of HOT-ROX at 12am it doesn’t bother my sleep pattens.

Out of town wedding for the last several days. I was expecting lots of comments on my not eating at the reception - didn’t have any. A fancy glass of water with a twist of lime (and a little pretend drunk dancing on the dance floor) kept comments at bay! :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting IPB. I was taking the HOT-ROX first thing in the morning :frowning: . I think I will be OK without it.

On a very bight note, down 5 lbs!!!

If you’re taking HOT-ROX before say, 2 or 3PM, then the stimulant effect has worn off by bedtime. So it’s probably not the HOT-ROX; it’s just the change in eating habits and reduction in carbs. That’s very common with any such diet plan and it usually goes away as you adjust. So, try not to skip the HOT-ROX, Or at least replace with non-stimulant such as Carbolin-19 or Se7en.

Thanks, Chris. I’ll give it another shot.

Day 9 - Last night I made my husband look at my abs! Whoo Hoo! He’s decided to try to eat healthier too, so I’ve had lots of fun helping him wade through the “Is this a carb?” question.

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