Phoenix21's Velocity Diet

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting to T-Nation.

I just finished reading the Velocity Diet by Chris Shugart and starting on Monday will begin my own journey to being ripped up. I would like to keep a record of my activities like Chris did and hope to have suggesstions or criticism to whomever will read this.

Anways just like Chris my plan is simple, I will walk everyday for one hour in a fasted state, and three days a week I will lift weights. I’m 6’2, 300 pounds, so my daily calorie intact will be 1900 calories, and around 80 carbohydrates a day. I will be eating 4 shakes with light coconut milk and water.

I will be having a daily meal of an hamburger with mustard as a condiment which will be 550 calories. I will be eating copious amounts of spinach leaves which was not on the original diet, but I believe will help if I get hungry. I will be taking Beef Liver powder twice a day after my workouts and for fiber I will be having Chia seeds. I will post my progress every week, so please cross your fingers for me as I test some of my focus and discipline. Thanks…

Say goodbye to this fat boy picture of me here with my best friend, I have no excuse for reaching this status in my life except that I was a lazy ass, but no longer, my determination to kill myself has never been stronger.


Are you sure your following the Velocity diet? Whats that about you having a daily meal of a hamburger???

I think you need to re-read the Velocity Diet post. And if your gona make changes to the diet as you see fit then your not doing the velocity diet but you own diet.


Wow, excellent point and well taken, I agree with that, I suppose I didn’t think I could maintain my calorie intact with just shakes alone, but you have given me something to think about. Thank You

why don’t you just do the the VD as it was written. We did it that way with the same worry about calory intake…And frankly personnaly speaking I was just fine ;)…Just do it and experiment by yourself

Here’s the thread with the most up to date version of the diet. It should contain all the info you need. (Many of the older articles are out of date.)

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