Phil's V-Diet Log

I started the V-Diet today and am doing everything I can to succeed that is why I’m following the advice given and going public. I’m going to post my measurements and Photo’s this week when I get a chance. I’m pissed that I let myself go because I had undergone a body transformation 5 years ago and I was maintaining my weight at a solid 160 lbs until I got a hernia.

The injury kept me from exercising like I had been previously and I wasn’t watching what I ate. After 6 months I finally got the hernia fixed and underwent several months of rehab until I could begin really working out hard. I also had an adductor release at the time because I was also dealing with a sports hernia as well as the regular one.

THe adductor surgery took much longer to recover from and after over a year from my injury and eating like shit I gained all my weight back that I said I was done with. I want to get back in shape and I don’t feel like spending 5 months (like I previously did) counting every calorie I ate. I want to get it done now. I will sacrifice for 28 days to get closer to where I want to be and then continue to monitor my eating and tracking my nutrients once I have dropped some of this body fat.

I’ve been reading about this diet and a lot of the work Chris and Chad do and I’m a huge fan. I have Chad’s Muscle Revolution book and I have used many of his programs. I’m excited to get started and I’m looking forward to tracking my results with you all. Good luck to everyone else following the V-Diet Program.

good luck

Well day 2 is over and done with, just the bedtime shake in an hour or so. So far so good. Haven’t had to worry too much about cravings. The shakes are doing the trick to keep me full. Here are my measurements:

Height 5’7
Weight: 183 lbs
Neck: 14 3/4
Shoulders: 46 3/4
Upper Chest: 40 5/8
Lower Chest: 40
Waist @ Navel: 36 3/8
Waist @ Largest: 36 3/8
Hips: 41 3/8
Left Upper Arm: 13 1/2
Right Upper Arm: 13 1/4
Left Upper Leg: 25 1/2
Right Upper Leg: 25 1/8
Left Lower Leg: 15 1/8
Right Lower Leg: 15 5/8
Left Ankle: 9 3/4
Right Ankle: 9 3/4

Body fat using Bioelectric Impedence scale used for high school wrestling.

Athletic setting: 15%
Standard setting: 21.4%

I’m an athletic build but I feel like I’m closer to the standard body fat percentage. I’m currently getting the pictures on my computer from the other day. All these measurements were taken day 1. I’ll keep you posted.

Today is Day 4. Things are good. I’m feeling great during the workouts and I have been making my NEPA walks daily. I’m going to put my pics up tonight now that I have them downloaded onto my computer. I am highly motivated to succeed even though people doubt my ability to go out with friends and not drink but I’m dedicated to this program and I love proving people wrong. I’ll also post my workout numbers tonight when I get home.

I’m currently on Day 12 and things are going great. I have been sticking to the diet and the exercise plan. My scale weight has changed about 5-8 lbs but I feel like the body fat is coming off, this could be more mental than anything. I have had a few small slips in the diet but nothing serious.

For example I cooked dinner for my fiance the other day and I had 3 bites of the food to when she was eating but in order to counter this small intake in food I cut my bedtime protein shake to 1 scoop of protein and cut the peanut butter serving in half. I should also mention this was after my wednesday workout so I had finished my Surge shake about an hour before.

Aside from this I’ve been doing great. I’m hoping that over the next two weeks I’ll start seeing more changes and my weight will change more. Best of luck to everyone on the program.

Today is day 14. I’m doing well on the diet but I need to make sure I’m spacing my shakes out better throughout the day. I tend to be busier in the mornings so I there is a longer gap in between shakes 1 and 2 than there is between the rest. I’m feeling good as far as the shakes go. Its tough because my best friends fiance just had a birthday and they wanted us to go to dinner/drinks with them but i had to work so we are rescheduling. Normally I would reschedule quickly but I don’t want to be a buzz kill and not be able to go out to dinner.

With memorial day weekend coming up I plan on saving my healthy solid meal for this coming weekend when I can grill some chicken and eat a nice big salad.

Tonight for my healthy solid meal we went out to dinner. I ate a small side salad with balsamic vinegar dressing a slice of bread served with the meal and seasonal vegetables with no butter. I am getting ready to complete my v-burn shortly . I have been great with the workouts. I haven’t had any problems with energy during them but it’s tough finding time to do my daily walks because of my schedule. I’ve been adding some uphill treadmill walking after my weight training and on my non lifting days i’ve been walking outside or on the treadmill at an incline for at least 30 mins. I’m trying to get up earlier and get the walk done but the problem is I have to be out of the house by 7 am and I don’t get home until around 8 pm from my workouts so there is very little time in the day when I’m not at work.

I’ll get my fiance to take my measurements again tonight so I can post day 1 and day 14 comparisons. Two weeks left. I can’t wait to see the end results. I’ll also weight myself tomorrow on the calibrated scale at my work to get an accurate weight loss number.

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