Phase After V-Diet Concerns

I’ve noticed that when I eat my one meal a day I’m so full. When I’ve gone a bit over and ate more I’m stuffed.

How does this impact one after the vdiet is over? I will have one week of two meals daily plus shakes and one following week of 3 meals a day plus shakes.

Will your body adjust? As from what I’m experiencing there is no way I’ll possibly be able to stomach 3000 calories a day and go back into a full on cutting routine with heavy training in the gym. 3000 or so is my upper limit for cutting and I was doing good there. But even If I’m at 2500 that is still a huge amount of food to stomach with what I’m experiencing right now with how stuff just a small meal makes you.

Would love some feedback from those who have phased off the vdiet and how you appetite changed.

And if I do need to really cut calories how do you cut? Being normal you want a good amount of protein and for me that’s 200g at least with my weight as I’m a solid dude. Lower the carbs and lower the fats and keep the protein high? I also don’t do well on low carb. I need them.

Kind lost lol

Your body will adjust, believe me on that. I’ve watched folks with gastric bypass surgeries taking their stomach to something the size of a football, to something the size of a banana. They will transition them onto a liquid only diet, to soft food after a few weeks, and finally to regular food after a few months. Once they get to solid foods they can only eat something about the size of half a measuring cup before they fell sick and full. They’ll lose a shit ton of weight…muscle and fat and look alot better for a bit…but then some will fall off the wagon and not keep up with nutrition and training. Within 9 months their stomach is back to something the size of a 2 to 3 bananas…and they are eating themselves into oblivion again.
The short answer…yes, you will adapt.

How do you get past this? The easy way would be to get a weight gainer shake to hit your calorie goal. They’re very dense in calories at about the same volume of your Metabolic Drive. (Just not the same quality, and without the BCAA’s…)
The fact remains though…you’re gonna have to stretch that stomach out just a tad, or you’re going to have to eat calorie dense foods that are still someone healthy. Think grass fed butter, milk, etc. with your steaks, chicken, etc.

This all depends on what your goals are.

I’ve come from binge eating myself. Sorted it all out with a coach who was a magic worker and made me realise that it’s what goes on in my head and nothing to do with the food itself. A year on since I had that coach and I can wholeheartedly say this is 100% true. The answer is not gastric bypass it’s fixing what is going on in your head.

Makes sense with what you said about stomach size also @tstoddard79!

So I guess at the start I’m going to fell quite full going back to eating normally. Get some weight gainer shakes in there or just left over protein as the shake from the vdeit keep me damn full. If I don’t need the extra carbs I don’t see the need for a weight gainer shake actually.

Then over time I’ll go back to normal.

Sounds like a plan!

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