Peri-Workout: What's Changed?

Ok, I admit I am way out of the loop, and I am now trying to catch back up.
Last I was aware, the best peri-workout nutrition was BCAA’s while training, and then a protein/carb blend immediately after working out, ideally in a 2:1 carb:protein ratio.
Looking at the labe for MAG-10, I see that the ratio is reversed. Is that because of the new carb mix?

To get an idea of perfect peri-workout nutrition, see the <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma page.

Mag-10 is often used an hour after the workout in conjunction with Plamza (it has many other uses as well), but Plazma is the idea workout nutrition formula.

Yeah, the Plazma page made a lot of sense, plus I’ve been seeing great results on the Indigo stack. 6 layer workouts a week at the age of 42, with no missed workouts and increased strength and improved body composition.

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