Peri-Workout Nutrition on Deload Wk?

I started on the 5/3/1 program. I’m currently using Plasma preload, Surge Workout Fuel during training and Mag-10 one hour after. My question is, do I need to change this when I’m on a deload week? If so, what change would I make? Also, since the Plasma, SWF and Mag-10 are working so well, no soreness at all, do I need to do a deload week? Thanks.

Good workout nutrition does change the rules when it comes to training and recovery. For example, you can train more frequently and be fully recovered from one workout to the next, so most “train only 3 times per week” plans can be upgraded.

But for a very specific plan like 5/3/1, it would be hard for us to suggest changing it. Wendler knows his stuff clearly and if he suggests a deload week, then you probably need one (CNS recovery still needs to take place, not just muscular.)

Depending on how the deload is set up, you may just need to bring down the amount of workout nutrition. Keep the Plazma preload in there for sure; that’s your most important serving. You could possibly have the pre-load serving then a post-workout pulse of Mag-10 only.

Now, most people using <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma do not use Surge Workout Fuel. Plazma is basically a better, badder, more advanced choice. For them the plan could be a pre-load dose, a dose during training, then Mag-10 after. But if you’re using both for budget reasons, that’s okay. You could just use less SWF for intra-workout if the workouts are shorter and somewhat easier.

Thanks Chris!

Sounds like very solid advice from Chris, though if you’re feeling good you may consider JW’s six week training cycle, as detailed in Beyond 5/3/1, deloading on the 7th vice the 4th week; I guess it depends on your individual tolerances. At 40 years of age I tried the six week cycle and went back to the four week, partially because I agree with JW that the point of deloading (properly) is so that you don’t have to deload.

In other words, it’s better used preemptively, rather than after-the-fact when you really need it. Also agree about the CNS recovery. For whatever reason nothing hits my CNS harder than deadlifts.

Thanks Saeufer. I did my first deload on the fourth week. This was before I started using Plasma and Mag10. This second deload will be after doing two more cycles. So three cycles total, if you get what I’m saying. I wasn’t considering CNS recovery, maybe I’ll try alternating deloads. One after one cycle and then one after two cycles.

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