Peri-WO-Nutrition: Performance vs Fat Loss



We’ve touched on this topic before…during a fat-loss phase circuit challenge, lasting under an hour should a supplement be used? We decided probably is not a huge issue.

But how bout for longer duration, 1-2 hour windows of lets say surfing (which is mostly similar to interval eccentric-less pulldowns) and Muay Thai training (also high intensity interval style) during a fat-loss phase where endurance is also coming into play.

I’m thinking add the MAG-10 in for these times prior a scoop per hour, then of course for non fat loss period’s where better performance is wanted, add in Surge WF and MAG-10 prior for increased performance. It may be better to use some Surge WF and MAG-10 regarless of the goal here since the type of training is longer more endurance based…whats your take from longer duration activities and muscle wasting?


You’re right on target: MAG-10 or Anaconda. I’d lean towards Anaconda, which has MAG-10 in it plus some other goodies for hydration, plus beta-alanine.

And if performance is the main issue, can’t beat a FINiBAR 40 minutes or so pre-event.


Thanks Shugs,

I really value your presence on the best training site in the world. You have also taught me to omit the little obsessive things that get in the way of overall training goals and for that matter life goals!