Peptide Product Inquiry

Glen asks:

I wanted to inquire about a product specifically for peptides. I am currently in weight training and my trainer recommended getting a peptide product to include in my current regiment of protein and preworkout to see quicker and better results. I am not looking to burn fat given I am already lean as is and I am not looking to put on large amounts of weight.

I am currently getting results but looking to optimize my muscle and get more defined results. Due to my diet however, I am not able to do anything derived from dairy making it a bit difficult. The way my trainer explained it, is that peptides will help get myself “shredded”.

Do you have any product recommendations. The product I came across was BCAA Structured Peptide™ - 300 g which enticed me to reach out to you for further advice. Do you have any recommendations?

There are “peptides” some people use to build muscle and burn fat, but they’re actually almost like steroids because they manipulate different hormones in the body (like Growth Hormone). They’re definitely not something most people need to be concerned with and they’re absolutely not something any decent, qualified trainer should be discussing with clients.

They’re also nothing remotely close to BCAA Structured Peptides. The “peptides” in that refer to the way the amino acids are designed for fast and efficient absorption. Totally different things.

So, yeah, if you’re looking to build muscle and drop fat, something like the BCAA peptides or Mag-10, which contains protein with di- and tripeptides for super-fast absorption, can definitely help.

Mag-10 is derived from milk protein, but it’s so filtered and processed (in the best sense), that tons of people with lactose issues are able to use it with no problem. That, and other protein types, are discussed here.

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