Pedal to the Metal!


Today is Day 1 of my V-Diet. So far, so good! It’s almost 6p and I just finished my second to last shake for the day. I have not been hungry today but I am looking forward to chewing my almond butter later! I’ll post measurements later tonight and then, let the fun begin.

starting weight this morning was 152 lbs


Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Any specific questions, be sure to drop by the “Ask Chris” threads and I’ll help you out there.


Day 2

Yesterday ended well, no major hunger spells but that may be do to “the last supper” that I had on Sunday night. Today might be a little different since I have an earlier wake-up call…4am on Tues/Thur!! So after I drink my one cup of cofffee and some water, I drank my first shake at 6am. This is my plan for these early days…
#1 6am
#2 9am
workout at 12 with BCAA’s and water (Xtend)
PWO recovery shake at 1p
#3 2p
#4 5p
#5 8p

too tired for pics last night so I will try to remmember tonight.

here are the measurements:
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 152
Neck: 12.5
Shoulders: 44
Chest - 37
Waist - at Navel: 32
Waist - at largest: 32
Hips - at largest: 40
Upper Arm - L: 10.75
Upper Arm - R: 11
Thigh - L: 22
Thigh - R: 22.25
Calf - L: 15.25
Calf - R: 15.5


Good luck mate, I started today so right at the beginning too :slight_smile: We can do it!!!


Wish ya the best! I’ll check back often to see the progress.


Thanks guys! I hope to have some great results.

Day 3

Just drank my last shake and it was yummy! I did have my first hunger pang today. It was about 4:15 and my next shake was not scheduled until 5:30 and my stomach felt like it was eating itself! I tried drinking some water, then I mixed water with some xtend and still hungry, so i tried some sugar free gum and that seemed to help. I walked home from work…that takes me about 3 minutes :slight_smile: and then, fed the dogs and realized that I left my protein at work!!! So the dogs got a little extra walk and i went back to work to get my dinner. The serving of almond butter was delicious! And now i’m chillin’ on the couch while the dogs lick themselves in unappropriate places…


Day 4

Today has been a good day, I really haven’t had any hunger until tonight. I sit here reading other peoples logs trying to stay focused but then I stumble across the HSM thread and all that food looks yummy! I had a good workout today and have made it another day. I plan to have my HSM on Sunday around lunchtime, but i gotta make it through tomorrow.


Day 5

First five days are almost in the books! Monday-Fridays are always easier to stay on track since i work 40-45 hours and I don’t have much free time during work to get into thinking about food. But Saturday and Sunday are a different animal! These have always been my challenges, too much free time or too much eating out. This weekend will be different, dammit! I have just finished my 4th shake but I added the nut butter and no flax to this shake and will be eating the flax and not nut butter to my last shake because I am babysitting my nieces tonight and it will be an easier shake to prep in my sisters kitchen. I just need to get all the powder in a shaker and fix it at 8 tonight and then done for the day. I have been weighing myself everyday, it helps me stay focused on my goals and my daily habits.

Day 1 152
Day 2 149.6
Day 3 147.8 (non-exercise day)
Day 4 147.4
Day 5 145.6

down 6.4 pounds so far but to be completely honest…i had a very gluttonous weekend and i was also pms’ing. my average weight the last 30 days has been 147. I am hoping to get down to at least 135 by the end of these 28 days. 10 pounds to go…


Day 6

Today was tough. I had a to be at a Healthfair from 8:30-12 and i had my first shake at 8 and I was getting really hungry by 12! I waited til I got home at 12:30 to eat and then at 2 I went to the pool with my sister and my 3 nieces. I had my 3rd shake at 4 and then ran a few errands. this shake is only one scoop so I get hungry 2 hours later. I had my next shake at 6 and then at 7 I took the dogs for a 35min NEPA walk and the last shake was at 8:30p.

looking forward to tomorrows HSM! i think i’m going to go to the store and pic up some fresh green veggies and some steak and a small sweet potato! I’ll take pics and measurements in the morning and maybe post 'em.


Day 7

Took weight and measurements this morning before my 50min NEPA walk with the dogs. Took 2 hot rocks and off we went. Dogs almost revolted before we made it home, but at least it was overcast. Now they are pooped!

I plan on resting for a bit, them heading to the gym to get yesterdays workout completed and then maybe going to play golf later. I need to keep busy so i don’t think about how hungry i am. My gf is coming home tonight and we are having my HSM together, really looking forward to that!

week 1:
wt: 7.2lbs lost!!! (152 - 144.8)!!!
inches: 11.5 down


Day 7

just finished taking dogs for 50min NEPA walk and they are pooped! I was super hungry during the walk but I am really trying to NOT inhale my shake as i update my log. I added tons of ice to make it a little more challenging to drink fast. i also took week 1 measurements and so far so good!

week 1 results:
weight: 152 - 144.8!
inches lost = 11.5!

I am really looking forward to my HSM later tonight. I have decided to eat it at dinner because my gf is heading home tonight from her family’s ranch and I thought it would be better to share the meal than to eat alone.

i know that week 1 results are usually the biggest drop, I certainly don’t expect to drop another 7 next week but I would love to drop to 139 by next Sunday. That’s the goal.


Day 8

well let me tell you how good my HSM was last night! We had filets cooked to perfection by my gf, i cooked up some roasted veggies (sweet potato, parsnips, carrots), green beans and a field green salad with cherry tomatoes. it was really really good, the veggies were awesome!

Today I have been spot on with my shakes and I had a very tough workout today and i’m glad i had a little extra food in me from last night!

i’ll have my last shake at 8 pm and then tomorrow it all begins again…


Very proud of myself for coming home and taking the dogs for a 30 min NEPA walk. My goal this week is to get 30 min walks in everyday, this gets tough with my work schedule but that’s the goal and I will reach it!


Day 9

today has been suprisingly easy, maybe i am hitting my stride OR work has been so busy this week that i don’t have time to think about food. i ate my second shake at 2:30 and then it was 6 before I got home from babysittng my nieces and I wasn’t super hungry. Usually me stomach feels like it’s eating itself between shakes and I have to really stretch to make it to the next shake time.

Damn! just realized that I forgot to take my HOT-ROX this morning! Since I do my NEPA at night, it’s not that routine. I sure am not going to take one at 8pm. I guess I just need to put it on the counter so i don’t forget in the morning.

off to take the dogs for a 30min walk…


Day 10
Rest day today and let me tell you, I needed it! I’ve been tired all day! No NEPA walk today either. Just too tired. I have another busy day tomorrow but it will be over by 1pm then off to the ranch for a three day weekend. Looking forward to that.


Day 11
yesterday went well. I thought I wasn’t going to get my workout in since I was working from 5am-12:30 and then heading out of town. But I had a client cancel, so I used that hour to get my training done! Yea me! All shake were consumed, three of them on the road. The only problem was we had to stop every hour or so cuz I had to pee!!


Day 12 - Friday
I took Friday off from work and it happens to be a rest day from my workouts so I spent a lot of time napping on the couch. I actually felt a little naseous most of the day. I think it might have been the well water at the ranch. We went to the store and picked up some bottled water for the weekend shakes.

Day 13 - Saturday
Started the day with a trip to the feed store and then out to the pasteur to feed the cows with my gf and her mom. I sat in the bed of the pick-up and took pictures. Then we got back home and I completed my ass-kicking workout. Trying to drink that Surge is a bit challenging. It’s soooo sweet! It takes me 30min to get it all down an I mix it with 32oz water, take a few sips and add more water! Now I’m laying on the couch watching the PGA Championship (where I plan to spend most of the day) and thinking about what my HSM will be tomorrow???


Day 14 - Sunday

weigh and measure day…as is typical with most V-Dieters, not much change in week 2. Weight is down only .5 lb and measurements are only down .25 inch. A little dissapointing but intellectually I know this is to be expected, still tough to think about going another 2 weeks. I am looking forward to my HSM later today. We are planning on leaving the ranch I an hour or so and getting back home in time for an early dinner around 6. I think I might want some salmon and steamed veggies with a big 'ol salad on the side.


HSM today was steak salad from Saltgrass with an ahi tuna appetizer and a few bites of a plain sweet potato. It was really good. I could only stomach one and a half shakes today.


Day 15 - Monday

Mondays are always the easiest day on the V-Diet. i’m at work at 7am and don’t leave until 7:45pm. there is no temptations and I’m usually too busy to think about what I am not eating. today was no different. new phase of workouts this month. I don’t think i mentioned it but i am doing Waterbury’s body of fire program which is tough!!!

The Surge really helps aferwards but it is still tough to swallow with it being so sweet. I will say that I managed to get through my first social situation without eating. yea me! these are friends that have seen me do other restriced eating plans so it was not too unusual for me to just sip tea while they ate dinner. This week should be easier, but i am a little discouraged. i’m not seeing much change in the last week…but i will see it to the end!