Peanut Flour Bread

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Hi Dani!

I tried it with almond flour and it was delicious! Ironically, you now have a banana bread recipe also which makes me chuckle a little. My husband and I both agreed that it was so good and had the texture of a banana bread but without the bananas and how awesome would it be if there were a banana bread recipe.

I’ve been doing a little reading up on the peanut flour and am going to get brave and try to make my own without ending up with nut butter. lol I will try that over the next few days.

No problem. Most of the stuff here is more so geared to the guys so when women are the focus, I jump all over it. You have great ethic and drive and it’s inspiring.

For sure, I will let you know how they all turn out. So far, with almond flour = wonderful![/quote]

Glad to hear the almond flour workout out!!

I’m curious to see how your own peanut flour comes out as well. Let me know how you did it if it’s a success!

I might expect blended peanuts to be a little oily/pasty rather than powdery, so when making the bread you might consider dropping the oil and adding another dry ingredient like oats, milled flax, coconut flour, or Metabolic Drive Low Carb (which is actually quite amazing as a flour substitute for desserts).

The peanut flour I’ve been using has much of the oil extracted from it, so it’s comparable to many other gluten free flours.

It totally warms my heart to hear that you were inspired – weight training can be so powerfully uplifting that once you’re consistent with it you no longer have to force yourself to do it; it’s just part of your everyday routine with or without the drive/motivation to get it done. Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

I showed this recipe to my girlfriend, and her being a girl, she went and pinned in under Fitness on Pinterest. So it may get more exposure haha

Stumbled on this today. Think I’ll have to give this recipe a try now.

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Stumbled on this today. Think I’ll have to give this recipe a try now.[/quote]

Then two links where you can purchase it at: