Paul's V-Diet Log

Well, almost week one completed. I started the V-Diet on Monday and now I’m on the 5th day. I get a little hungry during the day now. Nothing that I can’t use willpower to overcome. Still, it gets hard working in an office where everyone around you is cooking good smelling (but bad for you) foods.

There was even a birthday party for the boss today and they decided to try and do it a little healthier by bringing up baked potatoes and such. I didn’t have anything as I’m on my V-Diet. It is tough but tomorrow I’m going to have a solid meal…yay!

The workout was tougher today than other days. I think mainly because I had trouble sleeping last night and was a little more worn out today but you just have to go for all or get out and I’m not about to give up.

Here are my stats as of Sunday 5-10-09.

Height 6
Weight 207 lb.
Neck 15
Shoulders 49
Chest - Upper 43 11/16
Chest - Lower 43 1/4
Waist - at Navel 37 9/16
Waist - at largest 37 7/16
Hips - at largest 37 5/16
Upper Arm - L 17 1/4
Upper Arm - R 17 1/4
Upper Leg - L 24 7/16
Upper Leg - R 25 1/2
Lower Leg - L 16
Lower Leg - R 16 1/16
Ankle - L 10
Ankle - R 9 5/8


and another one…ick again!

The final one…ick for the last time!

Way to stay strong! The office can be hazardous and full of “toxic” people.

Keep us posted!

Thanks Chris,

I did my weigh in this morning but didn’t take any other stats. I’ll do that next weekend. Currently, my weight is at 201.5 so I’m down 5 1/2 lbs. so far.

Wow am I hungry this morning. I had my shake earlier and it’s not quite time for my next one but there a big rumble. Does it get harder as the weeks go on? Does this mean the diet is working based of getting more and more hungry on the same calories?

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