Paul 222's Second Time Around

Second time around on the V-Diet.
Dropped 20 pounds and 5 inches off my waist when I did it in February, 4 months ago.
Since then, I’ve been using the green faces diet, while eating 10kcals per pound of bodyweight.
Trying to drop the fat from my midsection, so I’ve added HOT-ROX to my V-Diet.

Stats this morning:
194.3 lbs
28.3 bodyfat %
Neck 17
Shoulders 48
Chest 42.5
Waist 37.5
Hips 37
Thigh 23
Arm 14.5

Good luck man - you’ve been through it before and seem dedicated so I’m sure you won’t need it.

I’d like to say that’s true, but I’m turning 47 later this month, and my body seems to fight me every step of the way.

First day was a gentle reminder of the hunger pangs that come with the V-diet, but having gone through this before, I knew how to deal with them.
I’m not going to bother listing everything I eat each day, as it doesn’t change, with the exception of the HSM and total kcl count.
Dinner tonight:
8 oz grass fed sirloin 420 kcal
Spinach 50 kcal
Flameout 13 kcal
rice 160 kcal
Total: 643 kcals
Total for the day: 2,058

Okay, so my schedule bit me in the butt the past couple of days, but staying on the diet wasn’t an issue.
The convenience of MD really helps with that.
Tuesday was a non training day, so I skipped the Plazma, and only had 484 kcals for dinner. My schedule is such that I’m eating steak, spinach, and rice for my HSM each night, just changing the size of the steak.
Total Kcals for Tuesday, June 5 - 1,479

Wednesday - Training day, so Plazma and larger dinner, but I got home so late that my HSM was my last meal of the day, and I didn’t have the pre-bedtime MD shake.
Total kcals for Wednesday, June 6 - 1,771

@Paul222 following with you.

@jjdubya is going through it right now as well.

Notice any differences, between now and your first run through the V-Diet?

Still only a couple of days in, but I know what to expect now, and meal prep is easier and quicker.

Week 1 is down, and it’s pretty much like I remembered. On my way home last night and I had a real hankering for wings, and knew that I could eat them and still stay under my calorie limitations, but also knew that they wouldn’t be as satiating. So I went home and baked my chicken breast, steamed my spinach, and made rice.
Was coaching in a tournament this weekend, so while all my colleagues were eating lunch, I poured some water into my shake bottles, and drank my lunch.
One of their wives had noticed this and asked me about it. Then told me that one of the moms from the team had asked her a couple of months ago if I had been losing weight.
So it would seem that I’m not the only one seeing a change with the V-diet.
Spent all week eating either steak or chicken breast for dinner, along with rice and spinach, and I was very close to my target calories each day. If I went over, it was by less than 50, and there were days when I was under my target by 50 calories, so it evened out over the week.
Weight is at 191.8
Bodyfat% is 28.8
Waist is at 37
Hips are at 38
I’m not too concerned about my weight, but what’s annoying to me is the little roll around my lower midsection, the love handles and the pooch.
Now I have to take responsibility for that, I have not been as consistent on my NEPA walks as I should be, so I’m going to be buckling down on that this week.
But that area has always been a problem for me.
When I first started putting on fat, back in my mid 20’s, the love handles were the first thing to show up. I know that there is some evidence that spot reduction may work, any ideas for getting rid of these dreaded love handles?IMG_20180611_063833IMG_20180611_063852

My work schedule has wreaked havoc with the V-Diet this time around, at least on the workout phase.
But I’ve been able to stick to the diet itself. Here’s what I’ve found on this go-round.
The solid meal is easier to do. I can eat out and stay under the calorie limits without issue, even if the restaurant itself is a fast food joint.

My last weigh-in had me at 189 with a bodyfat %age of 27.4
My waist is still at 36.5 inches, and even though it doesn’t look it, I can see the top 4 abs.
Like I said when I started this second time, I wanted to drop the fat from my midsection, it seems to be stubbornly clinging to my lower abs and obliques.
But that’s down to the fact that I haven’t been able to be nearly as consistent with my exercise as I should be.IMG_20180623_073419IMG_20180623_073430

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