Patrickahn's V-Diet to Lean Out Pre-Bulk

Alrighty, I’ve decided to try out the V-Diet after much consideration (and waiting for paychecks…). I’ve been trying to lose some fat for awhile and have made good progress, but I know that I need to really bulk up to be anything worth noting. So this is my last ditch effort to get the fat off my midsection before going on that adventure.

Unfortunately, I’m taking pics with a disposable camera so none will be available until the end of the program when I can get them developed.

Starting: 5/31
Ending: 6/27

Starting Weight: 160.8
Shoulders: 45
Chest: 38.5
Waist-Navel: 31.4
Waist-Largest: 32
Upper L Arm: 13.1
Upper R Arm: 13.45
Upper L Leg: 21.55
Upper R Leg: 21.6
Lower L Leg: 14
Lower R Leg: 14.05

Update, did my first workout today and it went as expected, I’ve been on Chad Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry plans for a bit so his style is not too new to me.

Front Squat: 140 @ 4x5, 145 @ 5x4x2
Chin-Up: 5lbs @ 5x5x4x3x3
DB Bench: 55 @ 5x4x4x3x3x2
Ab Wheel Rollout: Check, don’t count reps.

For my NEPO, I walked 4 miles around a lake nearby that has a mile-long path surrounding it. I saw three turtles and a big bird eating a fish, it was very cool.

Update: Girlfriend has a digital camera, will have photos up soon.

Hey bro that’s awesome to hear. I’m starting my V-Diet next Monday and can’t wait. I was actually wondering how the workouts were going to be because I did some of Chad Waterbury’s programs too. Since you say they were good, I’ll look forward to it even more.

How are the shakes going for you? Do you feel hungry at all? Chad Waterbury’s programs made me eat quite more often in the day, my metabolism is jacked up and I’ve been shedding the lbs :).

Keep it up bro!

Well, I’m substituting Dymatize Gourmet Protein shakes which have one of the primary ingredients being Micellar Casein as well so I believe it works out. It’s much cheaper, so I had to go that way.

It’s only the second day but so far it’s not bad at all, but I know that if I didn’t have a blender this would be unbearable. Thanks for the kind words, good luck to ya!

And truth be told, hungry is the least of my problems on this. I really feel completely full most of the time, and getting in another shake can be kinda hard…

Update as of Day 4.
Food has NEVER seemed so appealing, it’s ridiculous. I work at a movie theatre, and before now I’ve not had too much trouble resisting popcorn fresh out, made to perfection.

But today that smell was nearly enough to make me waver. Then I pulled out my delicious peanut-butter shake and downed it to quench my hunger in a different way…

For NEPA, I’ve been walking around my nice Uptown lake for a time, it’s becoming a very enjoyable thing. I will likely continue this well after my 28 days have ended. My weight workout went well, but didn’t record lifts today.

As an ADDED bonus, I can already feel the results. My bodyfat as of 5-3 was 8.9, and as of today it’s down to 7.7 Likely to fluctuate some but it’s nice to see.

Disaster has struck today, I was doing my NEPA with my girlfriend’s dad implementing an irrigation system and I got a blister about the size of a quarter on my palm. It hurts something terrible so I’m not going to irritate it at the gym tonight. Normally, I would not do this but there was about 4 hours of solid shoveling and pipe-fitting so I’m going to let it slide as my physical fitness for the day.

Note: I understand the repercussions this could have, but I’m going to try my best to NOT let this happen again…

Haven’t updated in awhile, but the program has been going quite well. Day 13 right now, and the shakes are completely fine with me by now. I’m SO glad I got a variety of flavors, I usually start my mornings with a strawberry cream, use cookies & cream flavor throughout the day, and finish with the chocolate and peanut butter one. Perfect, repetitive combo :slight_smile:

My workouts have been progressive so far, haven’t gone down in anything on week two, but they do seem quite a bit more taxing than I was expecting, especially Workout B with the lunges… I’m finally starting to see a bit of the six-pack I’ve read I had for so long now, but only with a post-w/o pump at the gym… Still, it’s nice. And I feel a lot more vascular than I’d have thought on this diet, since it’s all protein.

So far, so good.

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