Part 2: Tough Mudder, Here I Come!


I’m going to do a two week transition V-Diet in preparation for Tough Mudder on the 29th. My V-Diet was quite successful, so I’m going to keep riding the waves here!

Breakfast, lunch, snack, and bedtime snack will be Metabolic Drive shakes. Dinner will be an HSM, and of course, Surge for post-workout.

I’m taking Flameout according to the V-Diet guidelines, GNC Mega Men Sport Multivitamin twice a day, green tea, 1500 mg glucosamine, 1200 chondroitin, and ZMA for supplements.

Starting weight: 185


Neck: 17
Shoulders: 47.75
Navel: 36.5
Upper Chest: 43
Lower Chest: 41.5
Waist (Largest Part): 37.25
Hips (Largest Part): 37
Left Arm: 12.75
Right Arm: 13
Upper Left Leg: 23.5
Upper Right Leg: 22.75
Lower Left Leg: 14.75
Lower Right Leg: 14.75
Left Ankle: 9.25
Right Ankle: 9

Ran two miles this morning. Have a full-body weight workout planned for this afternoon.

If you’re curious how my V-Diet went, you can check it out here:


Cool. Tough Mudders look fun!


I’m looking forward to it! Its in your neck of the woods I believe too.


[quote]iamthesamurai wrote:
1500 mg glucosamine, 1200 chondroitin,[/quote]

Joint problems? Have you tried MSM, too?

I found that I had to cycle off gluc/chond/MSM becaue I’d get diminishing returns.

With all the fish oil I’ve been getting, I’m really not seeing any joint issues…

but then, I’ve quit running, so maybe that changes things.


I start feeling some soreness in my knees sometimes, especially when running and lifting a lot.

I have never tried MSM, but that is another supp I have seen recommended.

I do cycle the gluc/chond though. Generally, I only use it for 1-2 mo. whenever I begin to feel the soreness in my knees.


Yesterday went well. Had my shakes for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and bedtime snack. Had Surge Recovery after my weight workout in the afternoon.

For dinner, I had a homemade beef and black bean chili (grass fed beef, black beans, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and spices, all organic).

I ran two miles in the morning and did a weight workout in the afternoon. I wrote down my numbers for the weight workout, but left the paper at home. I will post those soon.


Survived yesterday without too much trouble. I was at an off-site for work yesterday, but managed to get my shakes in and avoid the barrage of BBQ, pastries, cookies, chips, popcorn, sodas, etc. that were all over the place.

For dinner, I had a chicken breast and veggies.

I have some running and swimming planned for today.


It would be so nice to have that one meal/day.

Since Day One of the diet, I realized that I’m married to f’ing Woflgang Puck and I didn’t even know it.

My wife has cooked more in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months.

Upside is, she’s really shifting to HEALTH?Y meals, as opposed to those that strictly taste good, but aren’t necessarily good for you.

Looking forward to it.


Awesome, man! Keep it up!

It is tough to make it through that first phase of the diet. But, at least for me, it got easier as time went on. It became second nature and the cravings went away. Though I did really enjoy my one HSM each week. :wink:

As you see those pounds dropping and your body changing, it will serve as motivation to keep going.


Here’s my numbers from the weight workout on the 18th. I’ll post numbers for the other workouts soon. The workout consists of one set of 10 for most exercises followed by a one-rep max. Others are one set of as many as possible. The numbers on this first workout are bit off as my workout partner and I were trying to find what weights worked for us.

Pull-Ups - 10
Snatch & Shoulder Press - 75x10, 95x5
Bench Press - 95x10, 165x3
Squats - 105x10, 205x6
Inverted Rows - 20
Walking Lunges - 80x10, 115x4
Pulls - 80x10, 105x2
Push-Ups - 40

Been sticking to the shakes during the day. Dinner has either been my homemade chili or a chicken breast with veggies. This past Saturday, I had fajitas and grilled onions and peppers at lunch in place of my dinner.


Tough Mudder went well. It was a lot of fun! Finished the 10 mile, 19 obstacle run in about 2 hrs. 48 min.

Overall, I only lost a couple of pounds during this two week V-Diet light, but that was to be expected given the greater number of carbs and calories I was taking in training for the event.

On to the next phase of my weight loss!