PamRocky's Velocity Journey


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I’m 51 year old married female with 3 children ages 23, 21, and 20. I’ve typically had an active lifestyle doing sports at a young age like water skiing and gymnastics. I became particularly interested in weight lifting in the year 2000 because I was SO tired of being 255 pounds and unable to do the athletic things I used to do. I saw the book Body for Life and at first I was negative about it. Then I realized that in all the before and after photos I saw, there was no one like me that had 100 or more pounds to lose… I got goosebumps and thought I could be that person!! So over the course of a year and a half, I dropped over 100 lbs and did my first bodybuilding competition at 144 pounds! I was thrilled!

To sum up a very long story, I have yo-yoed in my weight ever since. Usually my weight gain is 30 to 40 pounds (still not healthy) but this time I have exceeded 50 lbs! I never want to get back to that horribly obese person I was.

With that being said, I am laying it all out there with my pictures, measurements, and all. Here we go!!!

Weight 206.4
Chest 45.5 inches
Waist 38 inches
Low Ab 42.5 inches
Hips 44.75 inches
Thigh 28 inches
Calf 16.75 inches
Arm 15.5 inches
Neck 15 inches

Pinch measurements
Arm 16 mm
Umb 24 mm
Side 32 mm
Thigh 40 mm
~BF% 35.6%!!


I also must let you all know that I had total knee replacement surgery done on my left knee in the middle of February this year. While doing that surgery, a disc slipped in my lower back pinching a nerve. I have been suffering ever since. One can say I can blame that for my inactivity… yes, but I certainly didn’t need to be eating ice cream while not being able to workout. I’m doing physical therapy and have good days and bad. I figure I might as well at least TRY something to get me back in shape. Now off to do the beginner workout! :slight_smile:


Way to go, PamRocky! It’s nice to see someone my age going through this as well. Your body sounds as beat up as mine is so I’m interested to hear how you handle the workouts. My biggest concern is getting a week in and tweaking my back or shoulder or something and then having to wait to heal before getting back on track or losing momentum altogether.


You rock girl! Way to put yourself out there. With respect to the ice cream post surgery and injury, I was in the same boat for non-injury reasons. Was going through some tough times and eating was my coping mechanism. I was pounding two pints of ice cream some nights. So much of the journey is mental, not physical. We have physical limitations (even moreso when injured) but it’s how we respond to those and our goals mentally, not physically, that will foster success. Every day the snowball gets bigger so long as you don’t put things in its way and keep it going downhill. Momentum is real on this diet and I feel like I could do it for a year (let’s see how that is in 2 weeks time though). I’m not suffering at all - I’m now the shake guy at work. People stop by my office when they see me with my blender making a shake, or cleaning up in the kitchen after. Just prepare one day at a time, one shake at a time.


I’ve had a successful 3 days transitioning to the Velocity program. My supplements still aren’t here, but I’m doing what I can so far. I’ve already dropped 7 pounds! I’m sure a lot of it is just water and crap, but I’ll take it! It certainly helps to see progress on the scale, but what I really want to see is progress in the mirror.

So there are a couple of exercises I’ve had to substitute other exercises. I can’t do any sort of lunge due to my knees and back issue. I subbed in sumo goblet squats instead. I still have to be careful and not go too low.

Thanks for all the support @myklo2999 and @jjdubya! I was so happy to read your replies. It’s nice to feel like I am not on this journey alone.

I made italian turkey and brown rice stuffed bell peppers last night and even my hubby liked them. I’m pleased with the shakes, the one meal I get, and my commitment to make this work. So glad I got fed up enough to change. I just want this change to lead me to a place that is sustainable for the long haul. I think attitude and mindset are probably the number one factor in making that happen. I’m taking it one step and one meal at a time. So far so good! :smiley:


Keep going and keep us updated.

How’s it going?


They are. Everything else is external. What goes on inside your brain is the underlying factor to results.

How’d it go? Should be just about wrapped up now.


I’m considering starting the Velocity Diet. How’d it go for ya? I HOPE it went really well!!