Package for 4 or 6 Weeks? Modified Transition?

Hi all,

WHen you enter your details into the V-Diet calculator and it gives you the package deal, is this meant to cover the transition as well?

For whatever reason (maybe I underordered, or have used too much each day) it looks like my transition will not have as much powder as I need, even after taking the HSM replacements into account.

As it is the only thing that made the V-Diet affordable for me was the bulk discount, so I wont be buying another tub or 2 of Metabolic Drive.

Can I do an accelerated transition? i.e 4 days on 1 HSM and then 4 on 2 HSM?

or can I do week 1 with 1 HSM and 1 homemade, chicken and green veg soup (blended)
and week 2 with 2 HSM and 1 soup.

basically I just need to stretch the shakes I have in some way during transition and the healthy soup idea was the best I had to not shock my system.

I realise this isnt optimal, and I dont need to hear ‘just buy more MD’.
nor do i need to here that its a bad/good idea. id rather not do it, but im stuck. any other ideas?

incidently ive easily surpased my expectations for the diet, having lost around 11 pounds by day 21, so now I just need to limit any damage caused by too much solid food too quickly.

Great job on the 11 pounds lost in 21 days.

I think Biotest has it set up so that the package covers the 28 days then maybe a little into the Transition. Your plan for a shorter Transition sounds fine.

I was wondering the same, I’ll need to order more, in a hurry to stay stocked up,

note if you buy 4 or more Metabolic Drive you get discount, fyi, GREAT job on 11 POUNDS!!!

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