OxygenThief 's Transformation!

I’ve been on the V-Diet for 5 days now, hating it. Never before has the smell of food had so much pull on me!

However, I measured myself today, and was somewhat disgusted. So much so I won’t be having any issues resisting the cravings any longer. As follows:

Day 5:
09 Jun 10

Weight: 93.3 kg/205.1 lbs (Down from 210lbs)

Neck: 16"
Chest: 40"
Naval: 37.5"
Waist: 39"
UpperLeg(s): 26"
LowerLeg(s): 15"

I’m on my way back from a rotator-cuff tear, so I’m hoping certain measurements will raise, but I was horrified to see the waist/navel measurement. Much improvement on the way.

More to follow!

Wow… So I fucked it hardcore.

Day 10, what turned into going to the pub (with me drinking diet coke) to watch the Australia - England rugby union game with some exchange RAF blokes turned into a huge night on the piss, and to top it off, four pies and gatorade on the taxi ride home.

I woke up this morning with a lot of self-aimed expletives running through my head, I truly feel disgusted with my lack of willpower. I’m far too scared to even attempt to weigh myself, or look at my bloated stomach in the mirror.

However, I have no intention of stopping the diet. My first activity will be a NEPA walk to get my car I left outside the pub, kick myself in the shin and carry on.
I was reading a different thread before about guys who became introverts during the V-Diet, and I think that will be the way to go.


Glad to hear your sticking with the diet despite a little fuck up. I’m sure one bad night won’t make a difference in the long run if you stick to the diet for the remainder of the 28 days.

So what exactly is a pie in Australia? Here in the states its either pizza or a baked dessert. Just curious :slight_smile:

damn that sucks

my ‘big fuckup’ was because a dumb waitress accidentally gave me real pepsi

fuck her lol

im USED to going out and only drinking diet coke or nothing at all, but its because im just chatting up girls or talking to my friends. if i was sitting around watching sports, id get way bored and prob eat/drink out of boredom.

Thanks guys.

I forgot that a meat pie is an australian thing, so I’ve got a picture to help explain it.
Pastry (not sweet), meat (usually beef) and gravy. Oh, some might attempt to change this sweet recipe with bacon, cheese or egg, but the humble meat pie is a mainstay in Aussie culture.

Pimpology - I’ve noticed that since I am no longer to snack on crap, I’m still opening the fridge or scouting through the cupboards. I never eat anything, but I’ve caught myself doing it so many times. I am/was horrendous for eating whilst bored. Now I’ve identified it, when I start shopping again I’ll know exactly what not to buy.
Also, we’re a sport mad coutry over here, so sitting at the pub watching sport is just something we’ve grown up with. Only golf or netball bores the shite out of me.

But moving on, stuck to the shakes perfectly yesterday and this morning, despite going to a mates place to watch the soccer. Have a decent NEPA walk to go and get my car from the pub, and might go enjoy the fresh air at some point today.
I weighed myself this morning, and whilst I could have definitely been lower, I am still on the downward path. 6kg for my goal, anything less than that will be amazing.


Holy crap that looks freaking delicious, I might have to down a few of those if I ever visit the land down under! Stay strong brother!

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