Overthepond/First Time V-Dieter

Been looking through the site for a while and thought i’d take the plunge and do the diet.I’ve spent the last week going through the workout so i know what exercises to do and which weights to choose.Really looking forward to starting and the training program is brilliant but brutal!!.Hoping to get lots of feedback from everyone.Thanks

Ok facts and figures
Weight:15 stone 4 pounds(214)
Height:6ft 1 " (73")
Body fat:22%(tanita scales)
Neck :15 1/2"
Shoulder :48"
Chest upper :45"
Chest lower :44 1/2"
Waist at navel :40"
Waist largest :40"
Hips largest :41 1/2"
Arm Left(relaxed) :13 3/8"
Arm right9relaxed):13 3/4"
upper leg left :25 1/2"
Upper leg right :25"
Starting date Tuesday 9th July

Doing intermediate workouts,as have been training for a while now but cant get the hang of overhead squats after a couple of knee operations but am thinking about doing the advanced circuits???
Front Squats :70kg
Lat Pulldown :95kg
Dumbell press :32 1/2kg each
Ab-wheel rollout: 5/5/5/5

I spent last week familarising myself with the exercises and which weights to use but felt today that 70kg didnt hit my legs as much as last week when i did 60kg!!And i was very strict with the rests.Going to up the dumbells to 35kg next week and am wondering how to make the wheel rollouts more difficult,should i try to do them from standing or with a weight/rucksack on my back but still kneeling if the standing is too hard??
Got a nice sweat on but i know from last week that this day tends to lead you into a false sense of security as you think “THESE WORKOUTS WONT BE TOO BAD” And then workout 2 and 3 are kilers also when the rests come down todays will be tough.
Eating today is fine for now,will take some sugar free gum to work as keeping my mouth occupied at all times is fundemental for me on this diet, that and keeping active.Its when im bored or watching lots of T.V that my mind tends to wonder onto food. Thanks for reading

When you say over the pond, do you mean England? I though I was the only one. I start mine in 4 weeks. You are the same height and similar weight to me (although proportioned slightly differently) so i’ll be seeing how you get on.





yes over in leeds mate,i’ll look at your thread to see how your doing

I’m in London. I’ll follow your progress as you’ll be starting the transitional period when I start. Good Luck.

By the way I don’t know if you can change this, but this thread would be better off in the V Diet Training Log section.

Right then 2nd day nearly over.The shakes are going down well but do taste abit sweet.Have felt quite full today and slept very well last night.Im sure it will get harder from here and i know tomorrows’ workout will be a killer but thats what it is all about.Did 60 mins NEPA today at the gym,on the treadmill Speed: 6.4km(4 miles/hr)at an incline of 4% for 30 mins then 5% for the rest.Felt nice and sweaty at the end.

Look at at this way mate, you’re 1/14th of your way through;-)

Just keep trudging on!

yes you’re right i’ll just keep on going.Im hoping to end up like my little lad on the left!!!

Keep up a positive attitude and you’ll really do well. :slight_smile:

Will type in my workout for yesterday,but it was a killer!!I got some strange looks from other gym users as well as some sniggers from the "“talk for 6 minutes between sets of wrist curls mob”.But i’m doing this for me and you cant always help what others think!!One last thing everytime i read a newspaper i seem to notice how many adverts there are for food and restaurants and most T.V. programs seem to be about food or people sat around eating!!!Please somebody tell me this happened to them! Anyway laters and thanks for reading




9,9,9,7,6 will go to 22 1/2 kg



The workout was a killer and i was sweating so much but i like the feeling of really putting in the hard effort in the gym.It’s nice to have a set routine,go hard,finish within an hour knowing you’ve given everything you have and follow a set routine that you know works

Day 5

Nepa 60 mins on treadmill,6.4 km/hr(4 m/h)
incline of 4.0
Really felt it today,especially the last 20 mins of the walking.

Realised that i must have my shakes within 1/2 an hour of the designated time or i feel abit light headed and if its after a workout/Nepa then i get a slight headache.The shakes are going down great,mixed the strawberry with vanilla as sometimes they taste too sweet.Just wondered if anyone felt they were losing weight/inches too quickly!!

i know this is a safe extreme weight loss/fat loss diet but my arms seem so skinny!!I know this will probably be more psychological but it is a worry for me.I’ve followed the diet and workout plan to the letter so far but just surprised at how much my waist feels more solid but abit worried about my arms,i’ll put it down to male ego!!!

Well done mate keep going, I bet you’re really looking forward to the first weigh in!

Yes cant wait mate,but i’m more looking forward to pics and measurements then i’ll know if its just in my head!!






Finished off with 20mins of NEPA
6.4km/hr(4m/hr) at 4.0incline

Will try the walkouts from standing next week,might up the deadlift as i’ve read that for a heavy workout you should be doing 6+sets,but dont know how many sets for medium days.I’ve started with 6+ ??The workout was great,very intense.

Took the kids swimming today to an all singing and dancing pool with slides,whirlpools etc.Really enjoyed it ,had alot of fun and quite liked how i looked in my shorts but still a long,long way to go.


Doing the intermediate routines and finished the 6 circuits in 21:35.
Did all the workout strict but i get more tension in my abs doing the ab wheel rollout than the hand walkout so might change.Went to a relatives birthday party,took my shake instead of having all the kids party food,but felt dreadful awhile later.

I didn’t have my 4 o’clock shake with me so i’ve brought my hsm forward and had some chicken.Really couldnt eat much but felt better straight away.I suppose the moral is always be over prepared while on this diet but i don’t think they’ll be much harm done if any.Well one more day before pics,measure and scales so we’ll see.

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