Overnight Shifts and the V-Diet

Just have a question i haven’t seen on here yet… I’m an RN and i work night shifts…need to know on days when i am up all day and then go to work all night, can i have a shake while at work? My first night to work and my last night at work, between my days off… tend to have me up for extended periods of time…just need to know what i can do for those periods when i am awake when normally i would be asleep…Thanks much!

I had to do a similar thing with my work where I was up for a few days in a row.
My personal solution was just to spread my shakes out a little more. (About 5 hours apart) So I kept the same amount of shakes in a 24 hour period.

I wasn’t worried about getting in a ton of NEPA because I knew I was burning extra calories by being awake a lot longer.

perfect…actually i did just that last night and again i will tonight…thanks for the reply…

I work midnights in law enforcement and am curious to know how/when you take your shakes? When do you workout? I am guessing I am just going to have to do everything in reverse. My sleep patterns are horrible, sometimes I crash for 14 hours other times up for over 24 hours. Curious to see how this goes for me. I start on the 12th when the package arrives.

Maybe the best this to do is ask Chris.

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