Overhead squat alternative

does anyone have an alternative to the overhead squat? it kills my lower back.

It depends on why the exercise is being used. If the goal is to use a lower body dominant exercise that also rely heavily on the upper body, making it a movement that has a high demand because everything is working together I’d go with overhead split squats or lunges as the alternative.

I’m starting the Velocity Diet today and it’s the second movement in the advanced program. It comes after bent rows and before dips and Ab Wheel.

Btw Coach, I’ve used your Indigo Hypertrophy workout twice and it’s the MOST effective program I’ve ever used! And I’ve been lifting for almost 30 years. I have never packed on so much muscle our gained soooo much strength. One question though, what are the recommended rest periods? It doesn’t say in the program.

My approach toward rest periods, especially when your main goal is fat loss, is to take as little as needed while still being able to perform at the required level.

Specifically I recommend waiting until breathing feels 85-90% recovered. In other words don’t wait until you feel completely recovered by don’t rush it so much that you are focusing more on your breathing than lifting.

If you are in decent shape that should be about 60-90 seconds for bigger lifts and 45-60 for smaller ones. But don’t feel bad if you have to start with slightly longer rest periods… focus on working your way down without sacrificing quality.

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