Over the V-Diet Limit


I started the V-Diet today and I’m over the required limit. I’m 6’2" currently 307 but pretty muscular just wondering if it was ok if I still did diet?


There are some people who are simply outliers. They’re very tall and very muscular, or they’re very short females, and the calculator simply doesn’t fit them.

If that’s the case, then you can “lie” to the calculator using the max or minimum weight and go by that, adjusting by adding or deleting one scoop of Metabolic Drive from the plan.

But for some, they’re just too fat or too skinny for this diet, which isn’t made for the obese or the anorexic.

How did you start the diet today if the calculator didn’t give you a package?


I used the max limit and followed that but added a little more protein and little more carbs. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t cutting my calories too much. I was previously on a keto diet I dropped about 20 pounds in 2 months on the scale but because I had never taken in as much protein as I was before( which was about 250-310 g) I gain a lot of muscle. Plus I want to drop at least 30-40 more pounds by sept so I can bulk again for my first bodybuilding show I’m 24 years old and fell in love with lifting and bodybuilding in 7th grade but I used to go to gym and watch dad work out since I was 5. If there is any advice you could give to help me reach my goal I would greatly appreciate it and thanks for even responding to my message.


I think you did the right thing with the calculator. You do sound like an outlier. (And that’s good!)

What I’d suggest is to follow the 265 plan, but add 1 full shake to the plan. Let’s start there and adjust after we see the results from week #1.

Sound good?


Sounds great thanks Chris I reallyappreciate it. Yesterday was pretty rough but today I feel a lot different and I already seem smaller by how my clothes fit can’t wait til day 28 for the results.


Ok Chris I went and bought some whey isolate to add with my shakes because it’s hard to get that extra shake u wanted me to drive it’s 60 grams and only 3 grams carbs(2 scoops). Is this ok? And also about how many carbs should I b consuming the 265 plan had me at 74 but I’m getting about 80-90 now? Also my fiancée is doing the diet with me and she slipped and ate a couple pieces of fruit has it hurt the diet for her? She does crave more healthy foods already?

  1. Hmm, that may be fine, but honestly with the leucine that’s part of the V-Diet that extra shake may not be needed. But we can always reevaluate after week one.

  2. That’s within the wiggle room, and anything under 100 is fat-loss range.

  3. It’s not going to “ruin” the diet, but the extra calories weren’t helpful. Plus it takes a period of “cold turkey” – at least 21 days of strict – for the taste craving changes to stick. So every time you cheat on the V-Diet you risk not reaping those taste/craving change benefits.


Chris bout to post some pics of 4 days in already lost 8 pounds 299 on scale last night


day 5


day 5


day 5


day 5


8 pounds in 4 days? Wow!

Sure, some of that was “bloat” and natural fluid balancing, but it was body fat too, no doubt.

Looking forward to seeing day 28 pics! Keep me posted!

PS: Be sure to take those tape measurements too.