Over the 265 lbs


I am 6’5" 276 at the moment and plan on doing the velocity diet after my current training cycle is completed. I plan on trying to put more weight on in that time frame as I am making very good progress. There is one problem. I am currently past the cutoff for the weight restrictions on the diet. I don’t feel that there are any health risks, neither does my dr. What sort of adjustments could be made to the totals to accommodate my needs for the program?


Since you’re 6’5" and mentioned your training cycle (newbs don’t use that phrase), I assume that means you’re a formula outlier – not an obese person but just a big framed guy who also lifts big weights and has plenty of muscle adding to that body weight total. Correct?

If that’s the case, then you can “lie” to the calculator by using 265. This is close enough and we can always adjust things in week 2 if needed, like adding one scoop of Metabolic Drive per day to slightly up calories.


Thanks Chris. I’ve got some time but really looking forward to it. I’ve always been big in the chest, shoulder, legs, back, and unfortunately, stomach and backside. I believe this diet will give me a better physique, make me a little bit healthier, and teach me better eating habits so those problematic areas don’t come back.