Over or Under 35lbs?

Hi guys.

I’m just about to complete the third week of the V-Diet - not too bad, though looking forward to the HSM tomorrow.

I have a quick question. I think I should have use the over 35lbs to lose equation for the V-Diet. I’ve had good results so far, but nonetheless I may have udnerestimated how much fat I had to lose.

Anyway, my question is, for the last week of my V-Diet, do you guys think I could go down to the calories for over 35 lbs, and then continue that into the transition period?

Cheers for your thoughts

It’d be easier to answer if you can tell us the stats/results so far.

Cool. Well. My first weigh in before I started was 16stone 4lbs. I’ve literally just done my thirs weigh in and came in at 14stone 11.6lbs. Pleased with the weight loss so far. However, I reckon I need to get done to about 14stone in total, and I don’t see myself dropping 11 pounds in a week. I haven’t done measurements, but I have visibly and noticeably lost fat, so that’s good:)

With regards to current loss, I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned since don’t people normally continue to lose fat even on the transition?

I would stick with the same calories your on right now. You’ve already lost quite a bit of weight and are doing great, I don’t think a reduction in calories anymore will help.

Yes, you still lose fat in the transition (Sometimes because there is more content in your stomach you do not see the scale move as much, but the fat is still being lost which is the thing that is important.)

Cool, cheers dude.

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