Out of Surge

Hey Chris,

As you recommended in a question I asked a couple weeks ago I was taking 1 scoop of Surge recovery at rugby practice. I didn’t think it through well enough to realize that this would cause me to run out of Surge before the full v-diet ended. I opened up my bottle today after my workout and got my normal 2 scoops then saw that there was hardly any left.

Now I’ve got about 1 full scoop, maybe slightly over one, and I have a workout on Friday and the v-burn on Saturday. If I order any more right now it won’t get here until Monday. What can you recommend that I do for Friday to make up for that second scoop and on Saturday after the v-burn?

Also, my last question regarding recommendations post-workout convinced me to go with the Plazma super stack after I’m done. I believe you’ve answered this in another thread but I just want to double check. Instead of ordering more Surge Recovery is it fine to use Plazma pre-workout instead for the transition weeks?

Reading over that I feel it’s not worded very well so I’ll try again: is it okay to replace the two scoops of Surge with a serving of Plazma on the workout days?



You’re not supposed to use Surge Recovery for the V-Burn.

Yes, <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is by far the best way to go for workout nutrition after the V-Diet. For best results, follow label dosing directions.

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