Out of Shape

John2seneca asks:

I’m trying to choose some of your products to take in order to get me out of this slump I’m in. I’ve already put ZMA® in my cart because my sleep is terrible. I need to drop this body fat and boost my energy levels. The pre workouts I’ve been taking from GNC haven’t been working. Is there a stack or anything you can suggest I take? 6’4” 263lbs.

Pre-workouts aren’t necessary because they’re often just stimulant-loaded feel-good supplements that give an energy boost and make your face tingle.

Plazma is workout nutrition you have before training (so, technically a “pre-workout”) that doesn’t contain any stimulants, but does have fast-digesting protein and carbs to fuel training plus ingredients to increase performance and improve recovery.

Indigo-3g would be the next thing to consider. It’s a nutrient partitioner that helps your body use carbs for fuel and improves insulin sensitivity, so it can help with fat loss when you dial in your diet.

This article explains a pretty simple way to setup your carb intake for enough energy to train hard without going super-low carb. Along with enough quality protein and healthy fats, and the right training, you should be on track to drop fat.

And good call on the ZMA. Sleep quality is definitely under-appreciated but it’s crazy-important for everything from hormone levels to brain function and daily energy.

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