Our 'Nude Beach Diet' Log

So, my boyfriend and I have decided to take this challenge. Not only were we highly impressed by how smokin’ hot some of the other couples look (both seperately and together) after the V-Diet but we’ve turned this into a bit of a competition between the two of us as well.

I personally am getting breast implants in August so this program is the last big push to ensure that I’ll be entirely happy with my size/results post-op. He has just opened his second gym and would like to kick his butt back into a ‘shredded’-looking state instead of just the ‘relatively fit state’ hes currently in.

The kicker? The agreement that we will be going out to Patricia or Beauconia beach (both nude beaches), regardless of our progress sometime later this summer. Obviously I’d rather be strutting my stuff than jiggling it on the beach, especially naked, so for the next 28 days, complete obedience to the program.

Today is Day 1… so far so good, but I must say, there is nothing ‘super’ about ‘Superfood’.

Sweet! Looking forward to the ahem pictures! All kidding aside, I wish you both well and remember, it goes by fast.

[quote]Fonebone wrote:
Sweet! Looking forward to the ahem pictures! All kidding aside, I wish you both well and remember, it goes by fast. [/quote]

Amazingly fast. Talk about motivation. You guys are gonna rock!!

Hahaha, thanks for the encouragement. It goes by fast eh? Well thats great to hear, can’t wait to start seeing results!

What a goal!!! You put a new meaning to looking good naked!!! Good luck you two!

Today is day 2… Yesterday wasn’t toooo bad, obviously the first couple days are the hardest. Mr. Boyfriend was nice enough to say that he thinks “This diet will probably lead to our first fight.” (very grumpy when hungry) Hopefully not, but anyhow, we’ll take pics and measurements shudder tonight.

I always say that Figure competitors are the most dedicated dieters and trainers because when you have to stand on a stage in a sparkly bikini in 8 weeks, you do NOT cheat on your plan.

But… I think the nude beach goal may be even more motivating!

Note on Superfood: If you’re referring to the taste, it’s just the natural flavor of the fruits, berries, and veggies, which most people think tastes like an unflavored blueberry tea. Sure, Biotest could have jacked it full of sugar or good-tasting chemicals, but that would have defeated the appeal of its organic nature.

Keep us posted!

Must admit, Day 3 has been the easiest so far, getting into the routine and figuring out appropriate time spacing between shakes. Took some pics last night, might put them up…but not until after we’re done, yuck :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely seeing/feeling a difference, although still envious of the monsieur because he puts on muscle/drops fat in a heartbeat, me not so much.

Have planned out the HSM for saturday, looks like for me its going to be the Viva Salad from Joey’s <Roasted chicken, sundried cranberries, avocado, apples, grape tomatoes, cilantro, field greens & honey balsamic vinaigrette.> and a little fruit salad to top it all off. Damnit, now I’m drooling.

Correction; Day 4 has so far been the easiest to get through… unfortunately last night I was the one who was unbearably grumpy, mainly because we both happened to be home at dinnertime and I was very keen on making yesterday the HSM meal day. In retrospect I’m actually happy we’re going to wait until Saturday, especially since we’ll do the Vburn challenge when we get back from the cabin on Sunday (yay nice weather finally!)

Oh, on a side note for anyone taking say, Sugar-free caltrate or anything chewable and tasty, don’t get carried away…feeling very, very sick this morning.

You can’t have the word “nude” in the title and not have pics in the thread. Just sayin

^ this

Today’s Day 5… HSM Day #1 numnumnum. Ginger beef to start, ‘Viva Salad’ and a little fruit cup to top it off. Digging this diet for sure, Monsieur Boyfriend is looking pretty tinysized I must say, although we both have bizarre sunburns so its hard to focus on where the changes have happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha if it were up to him they’d be up here now, but I’m not putting up anything until after ‘the job’. :slight_smile:

[quote]Marionpowder wrote:
but I’m not putting up anything until after ‘the job’. :slight_smile: [/quote]

I like where this is goin

I’m still waiting for pictures! lol. Glad to hear it’s going well :slight_smile:

Day 7, one week down. He says “I hate Superfood and I have to take a big shit.” …so I guess someone will be adding metamucil from now on.

Good weekend at my buddy’s cabin the only problem was that we arrived protein powder in hand…and she was holding cinnamon buns. If that wasn’t bad enough it was steak, asparagus and baked potatoes for dinner. In a small enclosed cabin that smell is enough to drive you to eat solid.

This diet is waaaaay easier during the work week, thats for sure.Counting down the days until Saturday (our next HSM) although we haven’t picked anything special for it yet. Thats okay though, considering the taste of whole grain ricecakes had us smiling ear to ear this time round, doesn’t take anything special :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 11 here. Very adjusted to the diet now, although I will admit that I’m taking the Superfood very infrequently (don’t lecture me about antioxidants and it’s nutritional value) it just tastes like burnt hair. Aside from that still enjoying it.

Unfortunately it feels like the the fat loss is starting to slow down, which is unfortunate considering we’re not even half done yet. Did anyone else find this? After last week’s HSM it felt like my metabolism responded to the change in food by firing right up again and I noticed considerable fat loss this past week. Hopefully the same happens after this week’s HSM.

On that topic, it is to be on Saturday at le boyfriend’s parent’s house.

-Viva Salad (the one we had last week to start)
-Bison steak or BBQ’d chicken
-Grilled red peppers and asparagus
-Fruit tray for desert …numnumnum

The other question I have is; does anyone know if you follow the V-Diet cycle properly (4+2 weeks on/ 6 weeks off) does your fat loss slow down, even if you’re recalculating your cals based on your new body weight?

glad it’s going well - i am on DAY 12 I have lost about fifteen lbs so far… havin a blast

Thats wicked, good job!

The other question I have is has anyone else experienced nausea. Like, I don’t know anyone over the age of 6 who gets carsick (besides myself) and its been almost unbearable lately, since its heating up here finally. I feel nauseous and headache-y from the diet, then to jump in the car and feel twice as sick has not been fun.

On the other hand not a single one of my bras fit (beleive or not if you read up, thats one of my goals) but all of my high-school bar clothes do, so I can’t complain too much.

I can’t sleep, possibly because today is HSM and I dreamt about it last night. Hahaha wow.

About the nausea/headache - I had nausea and what helped me was taking some Metamucil in between shakes. It could also be carb withdrawal.

As for your fat loss slowdown, it varies. It usually comes and goes as you move along.

Another thing to consider is how much fat you have. Since you and your bf haven’t posted pics, it’s hard to say. Though based off your avatar pic, you didn’t look very overweight to begin with and from your descriptions, neither was your bf. Based off that, you won’t lose as much as someone who’s heavier.

Hmmm k thanks i’ll try to metamucil thing.

I was 26% bodyfat to begin with and I think he was 27%. Maybe i’ll try to upload those pics tonight.

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