Otown Start june 7th

Well I’ve started this diet today. I needed to start this because my summer shorts don’t fit anymore! getting fat in the middle I suppose. The tell tale sign occurred with a pair of cargo shorts with a drawstring. I usually just untie it to go to the washroom, but sadly the buttons popped off as I sat down! On closer inspection of my waist line and the fact that 50% of my summer shorts don’t fit I learned it was time to do something about it rather than buy new clothes.

Been looking into proper dieting and it seems very difficult to appropriately portion your days (Especially when you have never done it before) so I’m here to endure 28 days of shakes with you all. I wouldn’t sound so negative bout the shakes (I usually like them) but I almost puked during my workout today. Somehow a combination of the HOT-ROX and breakfast shake, so I need to work on the timing.

It looks like many peoply have had amazing results, i notice quite a few of abandoned threads too and hope I will have the mental fortitude to stick to the diet. To that end, I have told my roomates and friends so that hopefully they will support it and more importantly will add a layer of accountability (sure as hell don’t want to be a quitter)

So I’ll check out some of everyones threads/posts to do my share of encouragement and, hopefully, find out how to keep these shakes down!

I’ll be doing the intermediate workout. I have been out of the gym for a couple months due to injury. When I got back last month I got the flu and thus haven’t been up to much all winter…

Will post some pics tonight and here is my starting stats

Height: 72"
Weight: 188lbs
BF: 15.7% (7 point measurement by a pretty knowledgeable friend)
neck: 13.5"
shoulders: 22"
upper chest: 43"
lower: 39.5"
waist: 34"-35"
arms: 14" -14"
legs: 23.5 -23.5"
ankles: 9" - 9"

Front Squat: 165x5,5,5,5* last set was weak…not to parallel…
Lat Pull Down: 165x5,5,4 155x3,3
DB Bench: 55x5,5,5,3,2
Ab Wheel: 5,5,5,5

Cant wait for next workout though! as its been a long winter on injury it feels good to be on a plan.

Congratulations on starting the V-diet! The diet gets easier and easier as it goes on. It’s only hard a day or two after your HSM because you want another one. Stick to it though and see it through to the end.

The first time I did the V-diet I abandon my thread quick. I’m sure it would of helped if I had kept posting on it but I didn’t. This time I post almost everyday and I really like to after workouts.

If you need help with anything just post it on your thread or my thread and you’ll have an answer by the end of the day. I plan to be on here for a while simply because I like keeping track of my work outs here now.

hey otown, welcome to the vdiet. i totally agree with you about the accountability issue, i really don’t want to quit this now that people actually know i am doing it. i also don’t want to be an “abandoned thread”. i am almost on day 9 now, and although i definitely had my temptations, have not wavered! it is hard but the results are totally worth it!

@Rage: tx; yeah i can see why some may just abandon the thread but kept to the diet. we all have a real life and the diet is only a part of it.

@jjohn: keep it up! for sure i think its probably easier as we progress. In fact the farther in the more reason to not give up. its such a short term diet. I am worried about the day after HSM though…

I DID get extremely TEMPTED to have some kind of food i could bite into last night. I was a fairly hungry; in retrospect i probably shouldn’t have eaten like it was going out of style, which for us it has, on Sunday night. Luckily i fought the urge and not one since, in fact I am less hungry today which makes this much easier. Saturday will be a true test though. My best friends bday at his cottage will definitely include copious amounts of alcohol and food. Planned on sundays to be my HSM day, but maybe i can find a healthy meal with them…No doubt someone wil insist i eat. if i can make it through that the rest will be easy a pie. ok food might be on my mind…time for that last shake.

Just be ready to say “No.” After you can do it the first time your friends usually will respect you enough to let you finish it out.

@ RAGE: for sure, i havent had the time yet but im thinkin to bring food and make my HSM that day. The liquor won’t be hard as i quit drinking once a year already and im used to shutting down the peer pressure. I think i will have to make it my HSM day though as the smell of food today was driving me nuts:

breakfast at home by roomate, catered seminar at school, microwave leftovers by lab mate and shwarmas by the gym ahhhh

but i didnt cave :smiley:

Have been sore from monday and really didnt wanna gym today, been there b4 and pressed on:
Reverse lunges: 40x8,8,8,8,8
B/O row: 100x9,8 80x9,8,6
Pushpress: 80x10,10,7,7,6
BB curl: 60x10,6 50,8,8,7
Reverse crunch: 40

Clearly didn’t stick to the 8-9RM today, have to take a day to get a feel for where im at for all the lifts.I think i kept it close though.

Thats always a good idea too shifting the HSM to a social event day. Makes it much easier to stand the people you’re with if they’re eating haha

Whew! made it through two parties with not an urge. Surprisingly actually, as Friday I was complaining that I didn’t feel like I had enough energy. I wondered whether I was getting enough calories or whether my body was simply pissed, as it’s used to large amounts of carbs.

In fact, Friday I was tired all afternoon. I took my snack @ 4pm, more HOT-ROX at 5, and supper @ 6 still didn’t have enough energy for the gym!! I went at eight anyways and, although it was rough feeling so wiped out, it definitely helped me for my first social event on the diet. I went right to the club for the party following the gym and made it far easier to take it easy with a bunch of ppl getting drunk without wanting it myself.

On that note,
@ rage yeah, i ended up sticking to the plan (sunday HSM) to coincide with Vburn day. After my successes with temptation Friday, i figured i could handle it. I just maintained “oh I’m stuffed”. Went good.

I had Fajitas for my HSM (on whole weat tortilla)…I kind of felt guilty about the tortillas! i could only make it through two…one chicken, one steak, and i wasn’t “stuffed” but I felt full. Luckily my roomates finished it up. I couldnt decide between chicken or beef so i got both and made way too much for myself. Next week they’re pitchin in.

I made them nice and spicy too(marinated the meats overnight with jalapenos, cabanero and chilli peppers; along with the standards: garlic and lime. The avocado spread had plenty of crushed chilli pepper added too for a little extra heat. Ahh can’t wait for next weeks! (Im leaning towards fish i think)

HSM day weight (Day 6) 176.6
Change: -11.4lbs
Will do measurements at the half mark.

The workout:
Deadlift: 185x9,8 165x10,8,7
Decline DB Bench:40x10,9,8,6 35x7
Triangle, Lat PD 100x10,9 80x9,8,4
Walkouts x 10 10 10 10

Vburn (Sunday)
the squat thrusts kill my energy level every set!

Day 8

So i haven’t been using my schools gym over this diet, as its easier to go early morning or late evening near home at a local gym…

This local health club has their own PUB night! I wouldn’t be surprised maybe to see this on the board near athletics for our teams or comp clubs at the university, but i was a little taken back by this at a health club. PUB NIGHT! anyone seen Sh!t like that before?

definitely gained a pound this morning (178.5). I miss HSM already. 6 days to go:

Workout 4:
Front Squat: 165x5,5,5,5
Lat Pull Down: 165x5,4 160x4 150x5,2
DB Bench: 60x5, 55x5 50x5,5
Ab Wheel: 5,5,5,5

I skipped my last shake last night, had supper shake at 1030 and needed to sleep at some point. Wasn’t keen on having a second and hopping into bed. Hope that doesn’t bite me in the ___ today. Need to make sure i take enough of the shakes over the day at work, i had my third shake @ 5 when i got home. and left for gym @ 7. If I had one more ealier in the day I likely would have had much better energy levels for the workout.

Day 10 (wed):
Reverse lunges: 55x8,8 50x8,8,8
B/O row: 95x9,8,8,7 80x8
Pushpress: 80x8,8,6 70x8,8,7,3
BB curl: 60x9,9,7 50x8,7
Reverse crunch: 10,10,10,10

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