Other Programs - Sealfit?

Other than a little nutritional slippage yesterday, I can honestly say that I’ve been 100% since starting the V-Diet over 2 months ago…I’ve lost weight and gotten a lot leaner, but I’ve had to FIGHT for that…I guess I have to work harder than most. I’ve been following Thib’s OVT plan, but instead of doing 5X5, I’ve been doing 3 sets of 8 reps. I’ve also been doing 2 running session of around 2.5-3 miles and 2 sprint sessions a week…

My question - would it be more time efficient to just do something like Sealfit? This is a crossfit on steroids type workout that leaves one asking, “Why do I do this to myself?!” This would yield good results in a cardiovascular and muscular sense, so why not? Any thoughts?

Stop cheating on your diet and you won’t have to train yourself into the ground, eh?

No, seriously, it sounds like you’re looking for the “magic” program. What you’re already doing is fine.

Stop program hopping. Patience.

I understand what you’re saying. I seriously do have a good diet though, and i only “cheated” b/c I was under a HUGE amount of stress…those are some issues i need to work on that manifested themselves in the form of overeating, but yes, i do agree. I’m not trying to change programs to find the magic number, but rather to save time…sealfit blends endurance, sprinting, muscle and mental work. it would just be more efficient, more bang for the buck…but yes, i agree that diet is more important than training minutia

Yes, diet, and time/consistency, along with ANY good training programs, is going to get you fat loss results. Just keep the time/consistency part in mind.

hlss09, I highly recommend Chad Waterbury’s Body of Fire. It’s a nice mix of weight training and sprinting, it’s great for fat loss, but also athletic performance as well. Chad uses it to train MMA fighters.

I can’t find that program - does anyone have a link?

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