Other Cuts of Steak

A lot of sirloin mentioned - how about NY steak? Or maybe a bison NY steak is better? Porterhouse?
Eye round roast? Does it matter what cut of beef?

Also on the chicken - must it be skinless and white meat if roasted (I know not fried)?

Re: sushi - ok if brown rice is used?

Quality of beef is more important than cut. Many prefer sirloin if they don’t like a fatty steak, but it’s really personal preference. Bison steaks are a great choice too.

We’re not against animal fat, but if controlling calories or working to volumize meals, skinless chicken is best.

There is nothing wrong with white rice and many, in fact, do better with white than brown since brown contains many of the things that negatively affect some people. There is actually very little difference between the two. I use mainly jasmine rice because I prefer the taste and texture.

With sushi you just have to keep it clean and avoid the fried bits and heavy cream sauces and sugary sauces sometimes used in americanized sushi.

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