Osteoarthritis Supplemental Help?


I have relatively advanced osteoarthritis in my knees for someone my age. I’m just trying to delay a replacement as long as possible and stay as active as I can, but I’m starting to get more uncomfortable lately. I would imagine Curcumin and Flameout would be the main recommendations, but what about Rez-V as well? I’ve read some paperwork that indicates resveratrol may help.

Thanks for any insights.

Def load up ona quality fish oil like Flameout.

also look into super cissus/cissus quadrolangus for say 50% does nothing but for others can work wonders

I’ll check that out. Thank you

Yep, Curcumin and Flameout would easily be my top two choices. I personally sometimes take Flameout instead of aspirin, a few caps every few hours whenever my knees or neck flare up and get cranky.

Rez-V couldn’t hurt. I’m not familiar with resveratrol’s connection to joint issues, but it’s a strong health supplement in general, so, why not.

This article is a few years old, but it’s still good stuff. Tip 16 discusses how some supplements can help:

Thank you ver much, for the supplement advice and the article!

Other that useful supplements: With OA in my hands I was taking 6-8 Naproxen a day and that did not work well. Joints were still red and swollen and my activities were affected. Switched to one Rx 15mg meloxicam per day and pain is now gone and swelling and inflammation gone.

Tacking the inflammatory process is vital. The15mg per day drug load is liver and kidney friendly. Meloxicam 15mg is $40/year at USA Walmart/Sam’s and other pharmacies may have similar prices.

Had found that common joint supplements were helpful but while helping a bit, the root inflammatory problem persisted.

Sorry I missed this - thank you for that advice and I’ll check it out.

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