Original Velocity Diet Workout Log

Hey Y’all. Back when the Velocity Diet was 3.0 the pdf came with an exercise log. I don’t know why it was removed from 3.5

Does anyone have the original file? What I want is those tables to put into a book.

Nevermind I just made the ultimate workout log in Word.

I use Excel, it’s fantastic.

Fuck excel. Did I not just say I made the ultimate workout log in Word?

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Again, you can do the same thing in excel. And then, you can do analysis on that data, record PRs, figure out percentages and make graphs tracking your info.

So, fuck you and fuck Word.

that’s absolutely true. Respect I guess I’m keeping it basic.

What are PRs?

…Personal Records?

I wanted a solution to write things out while at the gym. The apps I’ve tried haven’t been been suitable or they’re buggy. So I guess I’d have to come back and put them in Excel unless I kept Excell on my phone during my workout.

Any suggestions?

You can do what you like. For this system, I will still put them in excel because I like to analyze the data. When I do 531, I know what my weights, sets and reps are. I print out my plan for the week, make notes and then input them into the excel the day after.

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