Original V-Diet Plan


Does anyone have the original V-Diet plan which prescribed 1 HSM per week?

I’m looking for the PDF

Revisiting CLA

It’s outdated compared to the current version, so I’m not sure the PDF is still available.

From what I remember, the training was the same (3 days weights, 1 v-burn, and daily NEPA). Each shake also included 1Tbsp ground flax seed, and one shake a day had 1 Tbsp peanut butter. The HSM concept was, I think, pretty much the same setup as now (lean protein, healthy fats, good carbs) and just on one day of your choice.

Also, at the end of the 4 weeks, there was a transition phase where you gradually swapped a shake for another HSM throughout the week to get back into more whole food meals.


I do remember those points. I want it because it’s more simplified, and I feel simplicity is key during a transformation period. Adding the HSMs everyday complicated things for me. I think many people had the same challenges committing to the feeling of not eating solid food, but I feel strongly that after acclimating the experience is really valuable. Here’s what I remember:

1st Meal (Breakfast)
2 scoops of protein
1 scoop Superfood powder
1 scoop L - leucine powder/ bcaa powder
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal
1 Flameout
16 oz water

2nd Meal (Lunch)
1 or 2 scoops protein
1 Flameout
16 oz water

3rd Meal (Mid-Afternoon Snack)
1 Scoop of protein
1 Flameout
8 oz water

4th Meal (Dinner)
2 Scoop of protein
bcaa powder
(flaxseed meal?)
1 Flameout

Don’t remember if there is a 5th meal and a bedtime meal or if meal 5 is the bedtime meal. I’m pretty sure if meal 4 is Dinner, then 5 is the bedtime meal. I remember it included more of the items you remove during the middle of the day. But something is supposed to be subtracted. The Superfood or the leucine? Or is the leucine not taken during breakfast?

2 scoops protein
(1 scoop L - leucine powder/ bcaa powder?)
1 scoop Superfood powder
(1 scoop flaxseed meal?)
1 Flameout
16 oz water
AND 1 tablespoon of natural nut butter

Surge /Plazma is only taken on workout days? or is it only on the V-Burn day?
If you think you can correct this, then that would be great.

What do you mean by “outdated?”



Can you tell me if that seems correct?


It was 5 Metabolic Drive shakes a day, total.

Superfood wasn’t around for the original-original V-Diet, but was considered optional later. Same for leucine. Superfood would be one serving a day. Leucine would be added to a few shakes each day.

Taken during lifting days. Some people take it with the V-burn if they’re finding recovery an issue.

That the plan has been revised a few times over the years and the current V-recommendations are the most effective and efficient approach. The other versions worked, because people got results. The newest version just works better.


Thanks for your input!!


Man, even I’m having a hard time remembering the original-original V-Diet. If you’re mainly just wanting to get rid of the daily solid meal option (I get that, keeps it super simple), then follow the latest e-book version and simply replace that tiny final meal with a small shake that roughly equals those calories. I’d also take all the Flameout with that last shake instead of dividing the dosage. There’s some good evidence that fish oil is best taken at the end of the day (reduces cortisol). I’d get rid of the flax seed too. If you need the fats, use coconut oil or up the nut butter. If you need the fiber, just go with a sugar-free Metamucil-like product. No need for leucine or BCAA, but fine if you already have it. Chris Colucci had some good advice too.


Now we’re cooking.

Thanks for coming through with the info and tips, guys. @Chris_Shugart @Chris_Colucci

Crazy it’s been almost a decade since my first Velocity Diet.