Organic Food and Health


I’m trying to get into health and nutrition. Is it right that with the use of organic food we can increase energy? I want to know whether having dark chocolates affect my health. I have been using the products from the organic food stores which is online in Canada with one of my friends suggestion. I was wondering what’s your opinion on cocoa nibs, or roasted cocoa nibs? Do they have the same effect? I want to know the only difference between organic food and regular food?


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Is it right that with the use of organic food we can increase energy?[/quote]
Healthy food, in proper amounts, can increase energy. Organic food can, sometimes, help reduce pesticides and other toxins in your diet. Not all healthy food is has to be organic, and not all organic food is healthy. Just because something is labeled “organic” does not mean it’s good for you.

True dark chocolate, like 80% cacao or higher, may have some benefits. Certainly better than having a bar of milk chocolate.

Again, as long as it’s real cacao (which means it’ll taste more on the bitter side, which also means you won’t be having a giant handful of it), it can be a decent snack. Some more details and benefits are discussed here.

This article gets into the labeling differences with “organic” and “natural”. That should help explain some things.

This article about organic meat and this article about organic fruits/veggies might also help.


I dont know, i tryed organic food, but i didnt feel any changes, maybe i tryed something that didnt really helpfull for some energy stuff. Can you suggest something?