Ordering Supplements for People outside US

From the UK
Order Everything Except HOT-ROX

but for HOT-ROX there is a Cheaper site

up to £25 cheaper

If people could let everyone know if they found a good place to buy supplements without problems, please mention it below

What about Spain?

hard to say for sure, but those UK prices look a bit steep.

i get Biotest to ship boxes to ireland, straight from colorado springs, and it doesn’t work out too dear.

get someone to go halves with you, so the postage isn’t too bad.

they should really do something about the shipping costs, i live in toronto and i wanted to order afew things, i tried to order surge then i go to the pay site and see that the shipping cost is basically the same price that the product was, so id have to pay like 60$ for 18servings? lol

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