Ordering Supplements Each Week?

I’m ready to get going, can’t wait. Problem being that I’m a college student taking classes and really don’t have time to work at the moment but will in a bit. Luckily, my mother has agreed to pay for everything needed, but she wants me to order it by the week.

Yes, I realize this makes no sense especially because she doesn’t need to, and that it would just be easier to have everything from the get go. However, I figured I’d ask because afterall I’m not going to argue with someone who’s going to help me get going with this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Those who order this way typically fail the diet:

  1. It easier to make excuses to quit since there’s a smaller investment.

  2. Supplements sometimes go out of stock, so you have to quit or have interruptions.

  3. If you miss the Fed-Ex truck one day, the diet is interrupted and you’re stuck without your gear.

Thanks for the advice, never thought about any of that. Will have to do some convincing and my log shall be up soon.

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